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All 16 Ghost of Tsushima Bamboo Strike locations on a map

Seven Samurai has nothing on your prowess.

You're Jin Sakai, one of the samurai who failed to repel the Mongolian Invasion at Komada Beach. Having survived the ordeal, it's up to you to liberate the island of Tsushima from the newly minted Mongolian tyranny. To achieve your goal, you'll be equipped with your trusty blade, oodles of guilt, and the chance to strengthen yourself by completing Bamboo Strikes. These are optional mini-games that, if performed properly, can raise your Resolve, which in turn allows you to perform stronger moves in battle and recover health at the press of a button. Here's how to find all of them.

How do Bamboo Strikes work in Ghost of Tsushima?

As you're trotting through Tsushima, you might run into Bamboo Strikes: small manmade objects that will initially consist of three bamboo stalks and four wooden pegs. Their location will be denoted by large white flags featuring a silhouette of the Bamboo Strike. You can complete a button-pressing mini-game at each Bamboo Strike to expand your Resolve, the yellow-colored energy gauge located below your health bar. Increased resolves allows you to perform more special moves in battle and to heal more aften. If you can complete them all, you'll also receive an exclusive cosmetic item, the Sacred Mountain Messenger, a mask resembling a Monkey's face.

(If you're having trouble completing Bamboo Strikes, make it infinitely easier with this one simple trick.)

Every Bamboo Strike Location in Izuhara (Act 1) in Ghost of Tsushima

This is every Bamboo Strike located in the first area you're able to explore, Izuhara.

1/2 of the first area map.

Sony / Sucker Punch

1/2 of the first area map.

Sony / Sucker Punch

16. Hiyoshi Springs Bamboo Strike

This will likely be the first Bamboo Strike that you find. It's in Hiyoshi Springs. Look for it in the center of town. You'll organically encounter it during the story tale titled: Tale of Sensei Ishikawa.

15. Ariake Bamboo Strike

You'll find this Bamboo Strike located southwest of Houren's Pasture and northeast of Kii's Pond. It's right on by a big house adjacent to a creek.

14. Tsutsu Bamboo Strike

You'll find this on a large bank by the Rustling Bend river, located in Izuhara's southwestern area.

13. Azamo Bamboo Strike

This is located in the Azamo Bay area, within the town's eastern section.

Before you can challenge this Bamboo Strike, you'll have to complete the Act 1 story required Tale, The Broken Blacksmith and the subsequently unlocked optional Tale of Tsushima, Unfinished Business.

12. Kashine Bamboo Strike

This is located at the peak of the mountain found in Wanderer's Pass. The White Dye Merchant is in close proximity to this Bamboo strike.

11. Komoda Town Bamboo Strike

This one is located in Komoda Town's southern end.

10. Komatsu Bamboo Strike

On the western side of Tsutsu, you'll find Komatsu Forge. Colorful banners in the village's southwestern area will denote this Bamboo Strike's location. You'll naturally pass through this area during the eighth story Tale, Hammer and Forge.

Every Bamboo Strike Location in Toyotama (Act 2) in Ghost of Tsushima

This is every Bamboo Strike located in the second area you're able to explore, Toyotama.

1/2 of the second area map.

Sony / Sucker Punch

1/2 of the second area map

Sony / Sucker Punch

9. Akashima Bamboo Strike

From the ashes of Act 1, you'll enter Act 2. Upon entering, the first thing you'll encounter will be this fresh Bamboo Strike. It's located right by Fort Ito. There's also a lighthouse in close proximity.

8. Otsuna Bamboo Strike

When you decide to head to Jin's home in Act 2 for the story tale Ghosts From the Past, look right outside the Sakai Manor to find a Bamboo Strike.

7. Kushi Bamboo Strike

This is located smackdab between Benkei's Falls and Little Monkey's Pond. Head northeast of the former or southwest of the latter to find this one.

6. Umugi Bamboo Strike

This Bamboo Strike is by Umugi Cove's beach. You'll naturally be in proximity of this Bamboo Strike during the Act 2 story Tale, A Message in Fire when you first go to meet Goro.

5. Yarikawa Bamboo Strike

During the Act 2 story Tale, The Walls of Yarikawa, you'll gain the ability to enter the Yarikawa Stronghold. Head to the very back of said stronghold to find the Bamboo Strike

4. Kubara Bamboo Strike

This one is located slightly north of Lord Shimura's Hunting camp and northwest of Turtle Rock Shrine. You'll naturally be near this one during the Act 2 story tale, Fate of Tsushima.

Every Bamboo Strike Location in Kamiagata (Act 3) in Ghost of Tsushima

This is every Bamboo Strike located in the third area (and final) you're able to explore, Kamiagata.

The full third area map.

Sony / Sucker Punch

3. Endless Forest Bamboo Strike

This one can be found on the Kin's far eastern side, right on the edge. On the map, it'll look like a large "C" shaped land indentation.

2. Kin Bamboo Strike

You can find this located on a small island in a lake north of the Kin Sanctuary. It's also close to a Pillar of Honor.

1.Sago Bamboo Strike

Take your clompers all the way to the top of the Derelect Mine location to find a hillside cliff. It'll be south of a Mongol Territory camp and North of Bitter Hills.

If you're having any trouble completing these Bamboo Strikes, make sure to check out our simple trick to Bamboo Strike success.

Hooray! You've finished every Bamboo Strike available and earned yourself some resolve and the Sacred Mountain Messenger mask! You're a certified samurai.

Ghost of Tsushima is now available for PS4.

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