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Genshin Impact version 4.0 leak reveals 12 new characters coming to the game

The dam is broken.

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Lynet and Lynette holding hands

The Hydro nation has officially sprung a leak. The Genshin Impact community has flooded with a whopping twelve new character leaks before the launch of the 3.4 update and even more might be on the way. Most of the characters are said to be from Fontaine, the Traveler’s next destination. The new region isn’t expected to arrive until at least Genshin Impact 4.0. However, enough information has leaked at this point that the community is in a lather deciphering it all. Here’s everything we know about the Fontaine leaks.

Where did the leaks come from?

Lyney and Lynette as they appear in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline trailer.


There’s more than one leak mentioned in the latest batch of rumors. For the character models, many social media posts credit a user called M9G. In a now-deleted tweet, M9G implied that the leaks came from multiple sources. Other pieces of seemingly contradictory information, like there being two Hydro Archons, also made the Fontaine leaks even more confusing. In the days following the original leaks, other reputable names in the community started corroborating and clarifying on specific details. For example, Mero claimed that the leaked characters weren’t all necessarily going to be from Fontaine.

A formal character lineup with clearer concept sketches came out at a later date but many instances of the original post have been since removed. This lineup, which is cited on aggregate Genshin Impact accounts on Twitter and circulated on Reddit, overlaps with the original leak with blurrier images.

A leaker called Uncle Gandhi also posted information about the remaining 5-star characters before Genshin Impact 4.0 and plot details about the Fatui Harbingers following that update. Most notably, they revealed a new character called “Yaoguang,” not to be confused with the Yaoguang Shoal location in Liyue.

Who are the leaked Fontaine characters?

At this time of writing, twelve characters from Fontaine, Mondstadt, and Liyue have been leaked. A few of these characters have leaked previously or been mentioned in-game, while others are undecipherable because of how pixelated they are.

Unknown Hydro character

The unknown Hydro character’s leaked model art.

Genshin Mains/Twitter

The clearest leaks are of a white-haired girl with elegant clothing. Many fans believe that she is the Hydro Archon, Focalors, especially because leakers are backing this theory. Her appearance matches the description Uncle Gandhi gave in their leak, so that’s at least two points of information that align.

Unknown blonde character

There’s also clear concept art for a tall blonde female character. More than one rumor about her is floating around, including that she’s actually the second Hydro Archon or Chief Justice Neuvillette. Both of these rumors seem to have been since debunked, which leaves her mostly a mystery at this point.

Chief Justice Neuvillette

A cropped version of the image hxg shared on Twitter before taking it down.


Genshin Impact fans originally thought that the tall blonde female character was Chief Justice Neuvillette. However, hxg later reported that the Chief Justice was actually a man. Many of the lineups showcase a tall silver-haired man wearing a blue coat that matches the supposed Hydro Archon’s clothing. There isn’t much lore about Neuvillette out yet, just that he was quoted in Nahida’s drip marketing description before the Dendro Archon’s debut.

Lynet and Lynette

Lynet and Lynette, the twins featured in the Fontaine segment of the Teyvat Chapter Storyline trailer, also appear as separate models in the leaked character lineup. It’s unknown if the two will be separate characters or somehow work as a two-in-one.

Feather-hatted mystery

One half of the leaked Genshin Impact Fontaine characters in a lineup. Some might actually be from other countries.


One dark-haired female character wears a feathered hat and a long green goat. In her character art, she can be seen holding a sword and a floating apple. It’s unclear what country she’s from so far, but fans speculate that she’s from Mondstadt based on an eye-emoji comment from Mero after someone guessed that both she and another character would be from the region. (Also, anyone who’s ever mained Venti for a while knows he won’t shut up about apples in his idle chatter. And he’s the Archon of Mondstadt, after all.)

Little miss magical girl

Next to the “feather-hatted mystery” is a child-sized character with pale blue hair and wings on her head. She’s also wearing a pink bow with flowing ends and what appears to be a heart-shaped bag on her hip.

Horned girl with pigtails

Another half of the leaked “Fontaine” character lineup, including Lyney.


Another female character leaked after the first six, but M9G confirmed she’s a part of the group. Her most notable features are the two horns on her head and silver-haired pigtails with ribbons. A later leak revealed her full outfit, which seems to consist of a black and burgundy-colored dress with matching knee-high boots.

Purple-haired girl with eyepatch

One of the later leaks included a full-body picture of a girl with long purple hair wearing an eye patch, conductor’s hat, black and burgundy dress, and white thigh highs. Unfortunately, there still isn’t much information about who this character is.

Pink-haired girl with cap

There’s no lead on the pink-haired girl with a cap accompanying the other leaked characters. Her burgundy-colored coatdress matches the girls beside her, though, so perhaps they’re related? She also might be one of the “assumed” Mondstadt characters (see “Feather-hatted mystery”) based on Mero’s reaction to a guess from a fan.

Most low-res of them all

One image from the original leak included a supposedly female character that was too pixelated to identify. All you can really make out is the black, red, and white color scheme of their outfit. At the very least, the colors make it clear that the character isn’t included in the cleaner character lineup because of the black-colored tights (if they are even tights).

Influential community members warn that character designs for these models could change because it’s at least six months before Fontaine is even expected to arrive.


Yaoguang isn’t actually the name of the character but her role name in the Liyue Qixing, Liyue’s governing body. Gandhi dubs her a “Geo support character.”

Yaoguang’s real name hasn’t been revealed, but some believe she might be related to Yueling, another leaked character that supposedly wields the Geo element. She, Dehya, and Baizhu will reportedly be the only new five-stars coming out before Genshin Impact 4.0. That aligns with the typical version number jump if Dehya will launch with version 3.5 and the other two follow in the next two updates.

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