Genshin Impact Inazuma leak reveals 7 new characters coming after 1.6 update

Along with new artifacts, regional variants, and more

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Genshin Impact hasn’t seen any geographical expansion since December 2020’s Dragonspine. It seems as though the hotly anticipated Inazuma region may be next on the slate surprisingly soon. We’ve previously gotten brief glances at the upcoming area, but leakers have uncovered a more exhaustive look at what’s to come in the Japan-inspired setting.

Here’s everything you need to know about Inazuma.

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When is the Genshin Impact Inazuma region release date?

There isn’t an official release date for the Inazuma region in Genshin Impact. Many expect it to be made available with the next patch. Assuming Genshin Impact sticks to its six-week schedule, the Inazuma patch will be available on July 21, 2021.

Is there a trailer for the Genshin Impact Inazuma region?

No. The full region has yet to get a full trailer. Our biggest preview has been through concept art made available during official Genshin Impact live streams. You can find one such concept art assortment right here.

What playable characters will be included in the Genshin Impact Inazuma region?

SPOILER WARNING: From this point on, this article will focus on leaked content.

From what we know via official information and leaks, Inazuma will be home to at least 11 new playable characters.

There are four currently announced Inazuma characters:

  • Kazuha – a five-star Anemo/Sword user coming in Version 1.6.
  • Ayaka – a five-star Cryo/Sword user supposedly arriving soon.
  • Yoimiya – a five-star Pyro/Bow user supposedly arriving soon.
  • Sayu – a four-star Anemo/Claymore user supposedly arriving soon.

Many expect that Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu will be available in the update directly following Version 1.6. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Twitter-based data-miners like Project Celestia, Dimbreath, and Lumie have discovered models for seven additional playable characters in the data that have yet to be announced. It’s unknown when these characters will be made available.

Six of the datamined new playable characters.

miHoYo / Project Celestia
  • Tohma/Touma – a Pyro Vison holder that wields a Polearm
  • Guuji Yae – an Electro Vision holder that wields a Catalyst
  • Sara – an Electro vison holder that wields a Bow
  • Baal/Raiden/Shogun – an Electro Vision holder that wields a Polearm
  • Kokomi – a Hydro Vision holder that wields a Catalyst
  • Goro – a Geo Vision holder that wields a Bow

Notably, Kokomi resembles a previously leaked character named Mimi. It’s unknown how Kokomi and Mimi are related or if this means that Mimi was scrapped in favor of Kokomi.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that data-miners also believe an Electro version of the Traveler will be available in the Version after Version 1.6

How does the Genshin Impact Inazuma region map look?

The full current map of Inazuma.

miHoYo / Genshin Intel

The above map was discovered by the leaker Genshin Intel, who shared it on their Instagram account. It represents the currently known areas that comprise Inazuma. It’s possible that more will be added in the future. A common refrain from leakers is that Inazuma will be released in parts, so additional areas might be on the way.

In another post, Genshin Intel showed Inazuma’s scale in comparison to the current Teyvat.

The full map of Teyvat following the Inazuma update.

Genshin Intel / miHoYo

What other Genshin Impact Inazuma leaks are there?

Outside of the map and additional characters, leakers have discovered new enemies and items that will be native to Inazuma.

The initial Inazuma update will allegedly come with two new artifact sets that are tentatively titled Shimenawa of Memories and Hatajirushi of Isolation.

Inazuma will house regional variants, too. The Cicin Mage will have a new variant in Inazuma as the Hyrdo Cicin Mage. Reputation, Shrine Keys, and Occuli will gain Electro variants that sport a violet hue.

There will also be numerous new Ascension items like talent books and weapon materials.

Suffice to say, there’s a lot going on in Inazuma.

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