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Genshin Impact Enkanomiya key sigil locations and 3 more secrets to explore

Tackle these secrets in the submerged realm first.

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The new Genshin Impact region is here. The big whirlpool in the middle of Watatsumi Island has opened and we’ve taken our first steps into the spooky, submerged realm of Enkanomiya. It’s turned out to be the perfect testing ground for Shenhe and Yun Jin, with new Vishap enemies wandering around, among other looming threats.

But Enkanomiya is enchanting in its own way. I’m not the first to point out how similar it is to Sky: Children of the Light with islands floating in fog, windblown meadows, and a giant glowing tower in the distance. With the new Key Sigil puzzles, and the Whitenight and Evernight mechanic, there are a lot of secrets scattered across the islands.

In this Genshin Impact Enkanomiya secrets guide, I’ll walk you through the best I’ve found so far, explain how Key Sigils work, as well as Whitenight and Evernight, and what both states change in this new region.

Genshin Impact Key Sigil locations and how they work

One of the new puzzle mechanics in Enkanomiya are Key Sigils, collectible emblems that are used to unlock seals, revealing secrets and treasure. You get your first taste of them in the quest to unlock Enkanomiya, but once you enter the submerged realm, you'll find them dotted all across the map, similar to Anemoculus in Mondstadt. Luckily, the official Genshin Impact map has all of their locations marked, and I'd definitely recommend grabbing some before exploring if you don't want to be stonewalled when you find seals to unlock.

Key Sigil locations across Enkanomiya, courtesy of the official Genshin Impact map.


What are Whitenight and Evernight?

Upon entering Enkanomiya, you'll probably notice that giant lighthouse at the center of the map. As you progress through the region story quest, you'll eventually make your way to it, and be able to switch between Whitenight and Evernight. These two states change what you can find in Enkanomiya. For example, you can only talk to spirits and see blue walls during Evernight. This state also removes any glowing yellow barriers present during Whitenight, and conversely, the blue barriers present in Evernight as well.

Different Key Sigils also appear depending on the state, and you can tell where due to the glowing white auras that mark their location. Luckily, you don't have to head back to the tower every time you want to change it. There are devices all across Enkanomiya that look like compasses, and you can whack them with your weapon to switch between at will.

Genshin Impact Enkanomiya puzzles and secrets

The new region is filled with mysteries to uncover. Here are a few of the best I've found so far:

The correct placement to solve Date’s maze


Date's Maze

At the north-eastern tip of Evernight Temple you'll find a big mysterious maze with a platform overlooking it. On the platform, there's a switch you can hit to change between Whitenight and Evernight, and two control sets that can be used during Whitenight to shift the maze in different directions. To solve this puzzle, simply copy our image above, and change it to Evernight. You'll then have to activate the three Hydro statues in the maze, and that'll open the grate in the center.

Drop down and you'll find a spirit called Date who will give you a medal and a key, and tell you about a second puzzle you must solve to open his treasure vault. Head to the quest marker on the east side of Serpent's Heart, use the key to open the gate and drop in.

The switches will help you keep walls in place so you can solve the puzzle.


The goal of this puzzle is to make both sides symmetrical, taking into account the blue walls that only appear during Evernight. The switches on either side will move the walls in either direction, and you can keep them in place by closing the gates in the centre with the switches. When standing at the chest, your objective is to get the closest wall to the right side, the middle wall to the centre, and the far wall to the left. This will open the chest. Head back to Date and he'll give you the second medal to open his vault, with another chest inside.

Kabayama's Seat

Where to find Kabayama.


At the following location on Dainichi Mikoshi, you'll find a small gap in the wall that will lead into a seemingly empty room. However, head to the left and you'll find a spot to sit down. If it's Evernight, Kabayama will appear and task you with finding three other seats across Enkanomiya. Head to each, sit down, and then read the inscription on the lamp above. The first is at The Narrows:

The second is at Evernight Temple:

And the third is at The Serpent's Heart:

Once you're done, head back to Kabayama and you'll be given a precious chest for your trouble.

Aberaku's Trial

To the north of The Narrows, you'll find a stone circle with five Key Sigils to unlock. You'll need one of each type, but once you unlock them, a spirit named Aberaku will appear and ask you to complete a combat trial. For those that fought the Nameless Samurai in Inazuma, this will be all too familiar, and the combat trial is pretty tough.

The stone circle is located in the north of The Narrows.


You'll have to beat three Vishaps in 30 seconds, so I definitely recommend going in with your bursts primed. If you succeed, you'll get another precious chest.

And that’s our Genshin Impact Enkanomiya Key Sigil and secrets guide. Good luck with finding even more!

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