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Everything we know about the Genshin Impact Dendro Archon Lord Kusanali

The God of Wisdom’s enemy is wisdom itself.


The gap between Inazuma and Sumeru is quickly disappearing. The Traveler is on their way to Sumeru, a country ruled by the God of Wisdom. Genshin Impact’s fourth country might arrive as soon as the Genshin Impact 3.0 update, right after Genshin Impact 2.8. Kusanali, the Dendro Archon, is rumored to arrive in the upcoming updates as the Traveler approaches the city of scholars.

We know a little bit about Kusanali and Sumeru from item descriptions and brief mentions in Archon Quests. Mix that leaks and you get enough to start piecing together her backstory. Here’s what we know so far about the Dendro Archon.

Who is Lesser Lord Kusanali?

Kusanali is rumored to look like Theresa Apocalypse from Honkai Impact 3rd.HoYoverse

Lesser Lord Kusanali is the God of Wisdom and the Dendro Archon. Ganyu once mentioned the God of Dendro as a “he,” but she’s been since confirmed as a female character in the latest quests. She’s also the youngest Archon at only 500 years old compared to when Rex Lapis “passed” at over 6,000 years old.

Leakers predict that Kusanali’s character model will look like a little girl but be slightly bigger than Klee, Qiqi, and Diona. HoYoverse hasn’t confirmed this, but a childish appearance would make sense when comparing her to the much older Zhongli. She’s also rumored to look like Honkai Impact’s Theresa Apocalypse.

Yae Miko mentions the name Lesser Lord Kusanali at the end of the Inazuma arc. Here, she suggests that the Traveler proceed to Sumeru as their next destination. However, she warns that knowledge is treated as a “resource” there. Miko adds that she doesn’t know if Kusanali or the sages came up with the idea, which implies that other political figures accompany Sumeru’s Archon.

“Lesser Lord Kusanali is the deity in whom the people of Sumeru place their faith. It’s their chosen term of endearment for her,” she tells the Traveler.

Lesser Lord Kusanali might also have another name.

Is Nahida the same as Lesser Lord Kusanali?

The latest leaks refer to Nahida as the Dendro Archon’s name. If that’s true, then there’s no question that she’s the same person as Kusanali. It’s unclear if Nahida is a given name or her real name, considering “Lesser Lord Kusanali” is a term of endearment.

When will Kusanali come to Genshin Impact?

Leakers claim Kusanali will debut in Genshin Impact version 2.8 as a featured character in the “A Summer Sea Sojourn” event. From there, the Traveler will probably meet her again in Sumeru in Genshin Impact version 3.0.

What is Kusanali’s personality?

Ubatcha leaked that Kusanali was supposedly a hikikomori, which is a Japanese term used to describe extreme social recluses. However, much of the Dendro Archon’s personality is still a mystery. We don’t even know what other characters think of her based on their descriptions.

What is Kusanali’s role in the Genshin Impact story?

Kusanali is the God of Wisdom, a deity to her people. This implies great influence over those in Sumeru and the overarching plot involving the seven countries of Teyvat. However, it’s not clear how powerful of a role she holds, considering the sages also seem to have some stake in the government. Dainsleif also cryptically mentions that “the God of Wisdom’s enemy is wisdom itself” in the Teyvat storyline trailer.

Kusanali only rose to power after the death of the previous Dendro Archon. As Ganyu mentioned in an earlier quest, only two of the original Archons were left before Rex Lapis “died.” Venti (a.k.a. Barbatos) was supposedly the only one left alive because the people of Liyue don’t know Zhongli is still roaming Teyvat. Raiden Makoto, the current Raiden Shogun’s sister, was the Electro Archon that died during the war. Raiden Ei now holds the title.

It’s unclear what Kusanali’s relationship was with the first Dendro Archon or how he died. Whatever it is, though, it’s likely to play some role in the plot.

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