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Genshin Impact update fixes the worst thing about the game

No more hacks thanks to two-factor authentication.

Genshin Impact was broken. Since launching in September 2020, thousands of players have reported their Genshin Impact accounts getting hacked. Rampant hacking was a severe source of tension between players and the developer, miHoYo. In April 2020, numerous players attempted to rally a boycott against Genshin Impact with one of the biggest sticking points being the lack of two-factor authentication or “2FA.”

miHoYo has finally listened and added 2FA to Genshin Impact. Here’s what you need to know about the extra layer of security.

Do all Genshin Impact players have access to 2FA?


Mobile and PC players now have access to 2FA through miHoYo. PlayStation players don’t directly have access to miHoYo’s new system, but they can enable 2FA by using Sony’s already built-in system. Sign up for Sony’s 2FA right here.

What is two-factor authentication?

If you don’t know what this is, two-factor authentication means that you need an additional code to enter your account whenever you login. Usually, this code is randomly generated during short intervals and available on your phone.

This stops people from entering your account by using just your username and password.

miHoYo staving off the hackers.


How do you activate Genshin Impact 2FA?

To activate 2FA, all you need to do is go to the in-game settings menu. Select the “Account” section then select “User Center.” Alternatively, you can just log-in using this link on your PC.

You’ll arrive on a page with your account information including your username, phone number, and email. Link two or three with the desired addresses. You’ll now be notified with a code whenever you attempt to log into your account. Use that code to access your Genshin Impact account.

You can also now keep track of your account in another way by checking the log-in devices page. It will list every device that has been used to access your Genshin Impact account.

Is 2FA required in Genshin Impact?

No, using two-factor authentication isn’t a requirement. You can still enjoy playing Genshin Impact with absolutely no security added.

Should you use 2FA in Genshin Impact?


2FA might not be a requirement, but hackers are still out there. Considering how rampant hacking is in Genshin Impact, there’s a high chance that you’ll be a target of hackers. If numerous users use 2FA, the number of vulnerable accounts decreases, meaning it’s more likely that a non-2FA protected account will be attacked.

2FA only requires you to do one extra copy and paste before you’re able to play. That’s much easier to deal with than losing your whole account.

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