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How to respec Gears Tactics characters with Reset Tokens

Here's how to change the class route you are going down with a unit in Gears Tactics.

If you've found yourself at a challenging point in Gears Tactics where you're unhappy with the skill tree you've gone down with one of your characters, the game does give players the chance to respec characters by resetting their Skill Points, but it's not the easiest process

Step 1: Allocate Skill Points — Obviously, you can't respec if your Skill Points aren't already distributed. There are five character classes in Gears Tactics: Vanguard, Support, Sniper, Scout, and Heavy. Each of these classes has a skill tree with four different routes to go down. You spend skill points acquired by leveling up to progress down each branch by unlocking specific abilities nodes, just like most video games out there.

For example, you could have a Vanguard focused on defensive buffs, or you could have an offensive Vanguard that goes in guns-a-blazing, deal damage, and get all the stronger for it.

Each unit in Gears Tactics has a detailed skill tree to progress through.

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Still, certain routes may not mesh well with your gameplay style. If you like being more offensive, you may start to regret giving you of your best-attacking characters defensive abilities. Or maybe you need your Support class to be a more well-rounded healer rather than a much more situational one. If you find yourself in one of these situations, it's time to respec. But how?

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Step 2: Acquire Reset Tokens — Gears Tactics lets you respec your character, but it does so via a finite resource. As you progress through the game's 25-hour campaign, you'll gain Reset Tokens. During Inverse's playthrough, we gained new respec tokens during the following chapters:

  • Act 1, Chapter 4
  • Act 2, Chapter 4
  • Act 2, Chapter 6
  • Act 2, Chapter 8
  • Act 3, Chapter 2
  • Act 3, Chapter 4
  • Act 3, Chapter 6
  • Act 3, Chapter 8

You'll get a message every time you receive more Reset Tokens, so keep an eye out for that over the course of your adventure. Also, keep in mind that Gears Tactics features no microtransactions, so there's no way to pay Microsoft for more Reset Tokens to circumvent this. You'll also be accruing a max of 18 Skill Points slowly over time, so you may not have to worry about doing this until the later chapters of Act 2.

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Step 3: Go to the Skill Tree Menu in the Barracks and respec — If you want to respec, go the Barracks, which serves as the customization hub for every unit you have in Gears Tactics. You should see how many Reset Tokens you have in the top-right corner, but you'll have to go directly into a unit's Skill Tree in order to use it. Once you do, click on the option or press F2 to reset that character's skills.

You'll get a warning before you do, so don't worry about accidentally wasting them. From here, you'll be able to use every Skill Point that character has however you see fit. Look over the different skills, see what best fits your playstyle, and get back out there to kill some Grubs!

Gears Tactics is available now for PC and is coming to Xbox One later this year.

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