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Dune x Fortnite skins release date and price for Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet

Zendaya makes her Fortnite debut.

fortnite dune skins wallpaper
Epic Games

Fortnite’s next big collaboration has been revealed. Tonight, players will be able to purchase characters from the Warner Bros. Dune adaptation coming to theaters and streaming on HBO Max October 22. Here’s everything we know about the Chani and Paul Atreides Outfits landing soon on the Item Shop.

What is the Dune Fortnite skin release date and time?

Following a recent leak from HYPEX, Epic Games has officially announced the Dune skin bundles, and they’re expected to release on the evening of October 19 when the Item Shop refreshes at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Watch Zendaya and Timothée react to their Fortnite skins.

Not only have the files for both skins been data-mined from recent updates to the game, but the Fortnite Intel Twitter account has also posted a short clip of actors Zendaya Coleman and Timothée Chalamet reacting to the renders of their respective characters.

Additionally, Epic Games has also posted its own trailer to advertise the bundles as well.

The official trailer for the Fortnite Dune bundles.

What is the cost of the Dune Fortnite skins?

Data-mines and the announcement blog post don’t reveal the pricing of individual items, but, based on recent bundle prices in Fortnite, we expect the skins to cost about 1,900 V-Bucks each as individual sets and potentially as a single bundle with both skins for around 2,500 V-Bucks. We’ll know more once the Item Shop refreshes to reveal both listings.

What cosmetics are included in the Dune Fortnite bundle?

This is what Fortnite’s upcoming Dune skins look like.

According to the announcement blog post, the Dune skin bundles feature the following items:

  • Outfits: Paul Atreides and Chani
  • Back Blings: Chani’s Satchel, Fremkit
  • Emote: Sand Walk
  • Glider: Ornithopter
  • Pickaxe: Maker Hooks, Twinblades
  • Loading Screen: The Stickworm

You can watch an HD showcase of the skins below as well.

Watch the Fortnite Dune skins in action.

How do I unlock the Zendaya and Timothée Dune skins in Fortnite?

Based on the data-mine, it appears the only way to get the Dune skins in Fortnite is to purchase them from the Item Shop once they’re released. Epic has not announced any in-game tournaments or challenges that would otherwise allow players to unlock them for free.

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