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Fortnite ditches last season's hottest weapon for an intriguing newcomer

You can’t get a dub by using the Dub.

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Epic Games

Fortnite update 16.40 went live Tuesday morning, and, in addition to adding a new place to land on the map, Epic Games has also vaulted one of the game’s most beloved exotics. If you’re looking to get a dub in battle royale, you’ll have to do it without using the Dub.

As those who play the game regularly might know, the Dub is a Double Barrel Shotgun that used to be purchasable from the Burnout NPC. The gun was infamous not only for its potent 120 damage stat but also for the knockback it offered shooters after letting blast come through.

The most skilled Fortnite players were able to leverage the knockback from a single shot as a movement mechanic as well, pushing backward to avoid shots from an opponent while dealing damage at the same time. Beyond the Flint-Knock Pistol, there aren’t any other weapons that offer a similar perk.

The Dub has been removed from Fortnite at the behest of an intriguing newcomer.

Epic Games

Why was the dub removed from Fortnite?

Now that the Dub has been relegated to the Vault, the question to ask is why?

As with most of Epic’s weapon-vaulting decisions, the curious case of the exotic Double Barrel is a multi-faceted one. Most obviously, it’s worth noting that, in the Dub’s place, the exotic Marksman Six Shooter makes its debut in update 16.40. The new weapon stores six medium-size bullets and doles out 24 damage to players per shot.

To get the Marksman Six Shooter, you’ll need to visit Deadfire. He’s situated at the Sheriff's Office Landmark close to the river between Lazy Lake and Weeping Woods. For the small price of just 400 Bars, this sweet gun can be yours. It doesn’t appear like it’ll be as beloved as the Dub given that it’s based on a significantly less popular gun, but bringing a new addition to the roster is oftentimes the main reason why an older gun might be phased out.

Fortnite Season 6 mysteries compound with the addition of a new weapon.

Epic Games

When it comes to determining why this particular exotic was chosen to be shelved, though, the subject is slightly more speculatory.

As infamous as the Dub became during Season 5, there’s no denying it lost some of its luster in Season 6. The exotic still has its favor amongst many fans, but it’s not as central to the current movement meta as it previously was. It’s also possible Epic felt the gun was overpowered as well, even though its use cases had fallen off significantly. With those two factors in mind, update 16.40 seems like the perfect time to remove the Dub as we know it. Taking it out now won’t have as big of an impact as it would have last season, and the gun is still extremely fit for a nerf or tweak.

The vaulting of the Dub, of course, is just one of several big changes brought to Fortnite in the 16.40 update. There’s also a new island to explore southwest of Misty Meadows called Isla Nubalada. Fight the Orelia NPC when you get there to pay her tribute. Fortnite Creative also adds a Race Manager tool and summery items like Boats, Fishing Zones, and Surfboards. As the latest battle pass slowly winds down, update 16.40 proves Epic still has plenty more to offer for the current season.

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