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Best classes for your Black Eagles characters in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes

This lineup will make Edie’s squad more powerful than ever.

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 Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Classes have become a Fire Emblem staple by this point, and they return in the latest release, Warriors: Three Hopes. Even though this game plays more like Dynasty Warriors rather than the traditional turn-based tactical RPG the series is known for, classes remain a prominent mechanic in the newest Fire Emblem release. There are a wide variety of classes to choose from, and although none are necessarily bad, there are stronger choices depending on the character you’re utilizing. Here, we’ll highlight the very best classes for all characters in the Black Eagles House in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

What are the best Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Black Eagles classes?

Edelgard: Emperor

Edelgard’s exclusive Emperor class is a top choice.


The Emperor class is exclusive to Edelgard and it allows her to dish out a tremendous amount of damage, even to defensive units. This tanky class is most effective against units who wield a lance, but works well against others, too.

Hubert: Dark Bishop

Hubert specializes in magic, so what better class to use than the Dark Bishop? You can attack enemies from afar with this class and it works particularly well against mounted units.

Dorothea: Gremory

Gremory is yet another magic-based class and this one works best against bow-users. Dorothea can use Gremory to spam magic at mid-range on the battlefield.

Ferdinand: Holy Knight

Holy Knight is the recommended class for Ferdinand.


When it comes to Ferdinand, we suggest using the Holy Knight class. This allows him to utilize magic while mounted, as evidenced by the charge attack that emits Luminance. This class works best against sword-wielders.

Bernadetta: Bow Knight

Bernadetta works best with the Bow Knight class, with the ability to deal damage from afar while mounted. Bow Knight is the most effective against flying classes, so be sure to utilize Bernadetta for those specific situations.

Caspar: Great Knight

The nice thing about Caspar is that there are multiple classes that work effectively, but we’d recommend the Great Knight most. This class gives Caspar heavy armor and works best against lance users.

Petra: Trickster

The Trickster class is effective since it lets its user wield a sword while also utilizing magic. This works fantastically for Petra and is highly effective against axe-users on the battlefield.

Linhardt: Dark Bishop

Linhardt works best with the Dark Bishop class.


Serving as yet another magic class, Dark Bishop is best used with Linhardt, allowing this warrior to deal devastating damage with AoE attacks. Dark Bishop works best against mounted enemies.

Monica: Gremory

For Monica, we advise picking the Gremory class, which once again focuses on magic. Despite this class’ weak defense, it’s still recommended, as it can be used to take out foes from afar. This class is best used against bow-wielders.

Jeritza: Death Knight

With a class as awesome-sounding as Death Knight, surely, it’s useful, right? Thankfully, yes, and it works best with Jeritza. Utilize this magic class while mounted, working best against sword-users.

Manuela: Gremory

Gremory has made multiple appearances on this list, but that’s because it’s so useful and versatile. For Manuela, use Gremory to stomp the competition with a variety of AoE attacks. Remember, Gremory works best against bows.

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