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These Fire Emblem Engage Characters Are the Best Fit For the Windsweep Ability

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Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage makes some massive additions to the tactical gameplay of the series, providing players with more options to customize their units than ever before. Emblem Rings are obviously the most significant addition, letting characters transform into powerful fusion forms with unique abilities. Along with Emblem Rings, Fire Emblem Engage’s skill system features a lot of enhancements, and there are some particularly useful skills you’ll want to have access to. Chief among those is Windsweep, which can easily turn a sword-wielder into an unstoppable force. Here’s everything you need to know about getting the Windsweep ability.

Windsweep, explained

Windsweep is an essential ability for sword-users, making them practically untouchable if they have high luck.


Windsweep is a tremendously useful ability that has a chance of stopping the enemy from doing a counterattack whenever your unit strikes with a sword. The chance of the skill activating is directly linked to the character’s Luck stat, so make sure to keep that in mind.

Having the Windsweep skill on a Swordmaster like Kagetsu can easily turn them into a frontline unit that can take on multiple enemies at once. However, you might also consider putting it on a hybrid mage that can use swords, as they’ll usually have lower defense or speed than your typical swordsman. In order to use the skill, of course, you’ll need to know how to get it.

How to Get Windsweep

Windsweep only comes from an S-Rank Alm ring, which is created from Celica’s Bong Rings.


At the moment the only way to get the Windsweep ability in Fire Emblem Engage is to create an S-Rank Alm Bond Ring, which is part of Celica’s subsection. If you haven’t made Bond Rings before, all you need to do is head to the Ring Chamber and interact with the middle podium and select “Create Bond Rings.” You need to select which Emblem Ring you want to create Bond Rings from, so pick Celica if you’re looking for Alm.

Each time you create a Bond Ring it’ll cost 100 Bond Fragments, and you can bulk create ten at at time if you have enough. The catch is that Bond Rings are basically a gacha element, and the ring you create is completely random. Alm is one of the more common rings you’ll get from Celica, but getting an S-Rank is likely going to take a bit of work.

If you find yourself needing more Bond Fragments there are quite a few ways of earning more. You can play through Skirmishes on the map, feed and pet Sommie, go fishing, and play the workout minigame. Also, make sure you’ve collected rewards for all the achievements you’ve gained, which can be done by interacting with the notice board in the main area of the Somneil, by the kitchen.

It’s also worth noting that you can get multiple S-Rank Alm rings, but again with the randomness of the system, you’ll likely need to put in a ton of Bond Fragments.

Best units for Windsweep

You essentially have two options for using Windsweep, putting it on a sword-focused class or on a class that can simply use swords. Putting the ability on a class like Swordmaster can give them more frontline fighting capability while putting it on a class like Mage Knight can help give them better defensive options, especially against weapons they’re weak against like lances.

With that in mind, there are a few specific characters you’ll want to consider using with Windsweep. Of course, you can technically switch any character to any class, but each has a class that they’re generally strongest with.

  • Alear (Divine Dragon) - Alear is always going to be one of your strongest units, and can easily be a sword-wielding tank when trained enough, which they will be as the main character. Giving Alear Windsweep along with their unique sword Liberation, can be a deadly combo.
  • Diamant (Successeur) - Apart from Alear, Diamant is going to be your strongest sword-wielder, especially with his unique class Successeur. Give him an Alm ring with Windsweep and you have a main tank to send right into the middle of enemy groups.
  • Kagetsu (Swordmaster) - Kagetsu’s advantage is that he’s already a swordmaster when you get him, meaning you won’t need to worry about changing classes. His speed is already absurdly high, but adding Windsweep makes him even harder for enemies to hit.
  • Lapis (Swordmaster or General) - Lapis is essentially the glass cannon of the game, with high attack but dismal defense. Because of that, Windsweep can be a huge boon, as negating enemy counterattacks makes defense a little less important.
  • Goldmary (Hero) - Goldmary is another good choice for Windsweep, even if she’s not quite as powerful as Alear or Diamant. If you have Emblem Rings on those characters, her Hero class is a great choice for Alm’s ring.
  • Clanne (Mage Knight) - The best choice for promoting Clanne is Mage Knight, which gives him more mobility and access to other weapons, like swords. His defense will never be as good as other melee-focused classes, however, which is where Windsweep comes in. The ability can help Clanne hold his own in melee combat, making him more effective overall.

Fire Emblem Engage is currently available on Nintendo Switch.

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