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How to play the Final Fantasy Origin demo with friends

Kill Chaos with your besties.

You’ve likely heard that you need to kill Chaos in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. So why not do it with some trusted companions? Most role-playing games tend to be single-player experiences. But this Dark Souls-inspired reimagining of the 1987 NES game lets you team up with one or two friends online to battle the forces of evil. Here’s everything you need to know about Final Fantasy Origin multiplayer, before the demo ends on October 11, 2021.

How to unlock Final Fantasy Origin multiplayer

If you want to enjoy multiplayer in Final Fantasy Origin, you’ll need to fully unlock it. Complete the first level to access the “search for a room” feature and join your pals.

You might notice another option prior to finishing the first level — “create a room.” Selecting it allows your friends to join you if they’ve unlocked “search for a room.” While it’s enticing to get your friends involved right from the start, we don’t recommend trying this option for the first level. Completing the first level in co-op mode won’t count as finishing the level, and will delay your own progress.

Perhaps a more direct co-op campaign will be available in the full game, but Square Enix has not made any official announcements about that at this time.

Square Enix

How to join your friends in Final Fantasy Origin

Once you and your friends have unlocked multiplayer in Final Fantasy, you’ll be able to team up in a trio (or a duo, with one computer-controlled character) to take on dangerous foes.

One player will need to host the game by going to the world map and switching to the tab with a globe icon. As host, select “create a room.” You may also set a password to the room to effectively shut out any non-friends from joining.

The search for room ID screen.

Square Enix

To join the host, head to the globe icon and select “search for a room.” Press your right shoulder button to switch the tab to “search for room ID.” Your host will have the room ID handy in the top left corner of their screen. Room ID can be found directly under where it says “Multiplayer Room.”

Make sure to enter the room ID as written. It is case-sensitive.

Final Fantasy Origin multiplayer differences

Now that you’ve got stalwart companions by your side, you can expect some differences from playing the game by yourself.

First, the host will play as Jack, while players that joined will step into the shoes of either Ash or Jed. This isn’t like swapping between characters in Final Fantasy VII Remake, where each party member has a unique playstyle to master. There is no difference between Jack, Ash, and Jed, other than appearance. You’ll still have access to your personal gear and skill trees in co-op mode. Any experience gained will be carried over to single-player.

All players have separate loot pools. If you see a closed chest, feel free to crack it open. You’ll get the loot, and it will remain closed on other player’s screens. You don’t need to worry about accidentally stealing a legendary item.

Final Fantasy Origin will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on March 18, 2021.

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