Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-order bonuses and editions, explained

How will you spend your Gil? Kupo?

With Final Fantasy VII Remake on the horizon and the surprisingly enticing demo in the rearview, hype for the title has hit a fever pitch. Inverse is already hailing it as a GOTY contender and it's looking more and more like a strong possibility. For anyone interested in pre-ordering FF7 Remake, there are plenty of options out there and enticing perks that make it worthwhile.

What are the Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-order bonuses?

For all pre-orders, regardless of the vendor, you'll get the Chocobo Chick Summon Materia. It’s a little baby Chocobo (large, ridable birds that are often yellow) that will provide assistance in battle. Along with Moogles, the creature is something of a Final Fantasy mascot, having appeared in nearly every title after debuting in Final Fantasy V.

In addition to the Chocobo Chick, some retailers will provide a little extra goodie for your patronage.

  • Square Enix Store: Double Members Rewards points, an exclusive lanyard, and a chance to win a Sephiroth or Cloud watch
  • GameStop: A nameless Serialized Shinra key card and a collectible tin box.
  • Walmart: Three bonus double-sided art cards(pictured above)

After choosing where to pre-order, the most pressing question becomes what version to pre-order.

Walmart pre-orders

Walmart / Square Enix

What edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake is right for you?

Choosing the version/edition you’d like to buy is the last tough choice you have to make before you can begin playing.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Standard Edition

Standard Edition is the basic choice that is probably what the vast majority of players will purchase. You get the full game with the aforementioned pre-order bonuses for the standard video game price of $59.99 (before tax) at most major retailers.

Yet another option is to pre-order it directly through the PSN Store. In most digital formats, the game should be available to download ahead of time and will become playable at 12 a.m. Eastern as it becomes April 10.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe Edition

Final Fantasy VII Deluxe edition

Square Enix

The FF7 Remake Deluxe Edition (pictured above) is just $20 more than the Standard Edition, retailing for $79.99. In addition to the game and standard pre-order bonuses, the Deluxe Edition includes four goodies: a steelbook case featuring Sephiroth surrounded by flames, a Cactuar Summon Materia, a mini-soundtrack featuring the Final Fantasy VII Remake’s best tunes, and a hardcover artbook!

The Deluxe Edition is currently sold out at Walmart but remains available at other major retailers.

Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition

Cloud and his first class bike

Square Enix

The game's protagonist Cloud Strife claims that he's a SOLDIER 1st Class in Final Fantasy VII, and so the 1st Class edition (pictured above) is the first-class alternative for any FF7 enthusiasts. The version retails for $329.99 and is exclusively sold through Square Enix’s store.

The 1st Class Edition comes all the Deluxe Edition bonuses and then some. Justifying that high price is a Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife figure complete with a Hardy Daytona motorcycle, perfect for cruising on your shelf. It also comes with the Carbuncle Summon.

If that sounds appealing, hop onto Square Enix’s waiting list for the 1st Class Edition.

Final Verdict

If people are even remotely interested in playing this game, then some kind of pre-order is absolutely worth it. Normally, we'd suggest pre-ordering directly through the PSN Store so you can download sooner and play right when the game goes live on April 10. But given the enormous download size, it's might actually be best to pre-order a physical copy.

Hardcore Final Fantasy fans might be enticed by the collectibles featured in the more expensive editions, but the real draw seems to be those seemingly exclusive bonus summons. In FF7 Remake, Summons function similarly to Link Summons from Kingdom Hearts III rather than their FF7 counterparts, fighting alongside your party on the battlefield in unique ways before delivering an ultimate attack and then disappearing.

Pre-ordering even the Standard Edition to get Chocobo Chick is a no-brainer, but that all three of these pre-order Summons will probably be outclassed rather quickly by the likes of Shiva, Ifrit, and others from the game. Definitely don't forget to pre-order at least one of these versions, but the rest is up to you.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches for PS4 on April 10, 2020.

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