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Where to find Betty's 3 song discs in FF7 Remake's Power of Music quest

Little Betty needs your help again in Wall Market.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Square Enix

It’s tough being an earnest youngin like Betty in Final Fantasy VII Remake. After being saved by Aerith in Chapter 12, the kitty-loving kiddo returns in Chapter 14 with a sidequest called The Power of Music. She needs your help to raise morale amongst the displaced Sector 7 citizens by collecting some banging tunes, and she needs Cloud's help to do it. You can't use your existing music library, you've gotta find three new tracks scattered around Wall Market. Here's where to get them.

Where to find Betty in Wall Market

After making it through Chapter 14’s opening scene located at Aerith’s house, you’ll be free to explore. Head over to the Sector 6 Slums to find a glummer, daytime version of Wall Market. Betty will be right next to the town jukebox, so speak to her to kick off the quest. If you have yet to encounter the town jukebox, we’ve marked it on the map below.

Betty's location

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Now it’s up to Cloud to collect all three discs. Here's where to find them.

1. ‘Fight On!’ music disc location

The Souvenir shop man

Square Enix

Unsurprisingly, ‘Fight On!’ is found at the Colosseum. To obtain the disc, enter the Colosseum and head left of the elevators to the souvenir shop. You can purchase ‘Fight On!’ for 50 Gil.

One down, two more to go.

2. ‘Good Night, Until Tomorrow’ music disc location

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The second disc can be found in Wall Market's hotel. If you're having trouble finding it, check the map for a rest spot, indicated by a bed icon. It should be on your map from when you visited the hotel in preceding chapters.

After entering, you’ll see the concierge desk. To your right, you'll see an older chap in a white shirt and grey trousers. Interact with him to obtain the ‘Good Night, Until Tomorrow’ track.

3. ‘Stand Up’ music disc location

The last track is probably the trickiest to find. You'll need to speak to a girl in a back alley to the left of the Honey Bee Inn’s entrance. You can get there by crouching under a small wooden framed opening. Once done, return to Betty with the hot new tunes to complete the quest.

Power of Music sidequest reward

Once you return to Betty, she’ll ask you to play each track. Your reward will be the smiles of the struggling exiles of Sector 7. Betty will also fork over the Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. III item, giving Barret more skill points to upgrade his arsenal of guns and melee weapons. She’ll also completely restore your HP/ SP.

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