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FFXIV x FFXVI: Here’s Exactly How to Start and Complete the Crossover Event

Find the flame.

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After being teased nearly a year ago at Fan Fest, the Final Fantasy XVI crossover event finally brings Clive Rosfield to Final Fantasy XIV. The much-anticipated three-quest series doesn’t require any knowledge of the latest entry, but knowing at least Clive’s journey will certainly help. Of course, you’ll likely want to complete the questline no matter what, as it rewards an adorable Torgal mount that even comes with its own dedicated “pet” command. Here’s everything you need to know about the FFXIV x FFXVI crossover event, including how to start and how to complete each quest.

How to Start the FFXIV x FFXVI Crossover - The Path Infernal

Head to Ul’Dah - The Steps of Nald to start the event.

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Before starting The Path Infernal, you’ll need to make sure you have at least one job at level 50. The event will run for just over a month, from Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 1:00 a.m. to Wednesday, May 8, 2024 at 7:59 a.m. (Pacific Time).

To pick up the first quest “A Land of Fire,” head to Ul’dah - Steps of Nald and talk to the Neophyte Adventurer at (X:8.8, Y: 9.8). After that, you’ll meet an old friend, the Wandering Minstrel, and head out on a new quest.

Below you can find a walkthrough for all three quests, but let’s cover what rewards you get for the event first.

FFXVI Crossover Rewards

A trio of FFXVI rewards are yours for simply completing the event.

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By completing all three quests you’ll automatically unlock three rewards.

  • Metian Attire Coffer (Clive’s outfit) - Includes Metian Vest, Mettian Gauntlets, Metian Chausses, Metian Sollorets.
  • Torgal Whistle - Lets you summon the Torgal mount.
  • Torgal Pup - Lets you summon a Torgal puppy minion.

It’s worth noting that every piece of the Metian attire can be dyed, meaning you’ll be able to provide your own flair to the outfit.

How to Complete A Land of Fire

Clive has amnesia the first time you meet him, making it your goal to restore his memories.

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After meeting up with the Wandering Minstrel, he’ll tell you about a dream he had involving a “burning land.” He’ll ask you what area best describes his vision, so answer the Burning Wall in Thanalan. After the conversation teleport to Camp Drybone and follow the quest marker to find the Wandering Minstrel Burning Wall at (X28.3 Y24.5). He’ll give you a spyglass to use to examine the nearby area, however, there’s only one thing you’re looking for. At the bottom left of the area you’ll see Clive lying on the ground, so left click to focus on him.

Clive can be tricky to spot.

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After the cutscene you’ll wind up in Ul’Dah again, so speak to Clive to end the quest.

How to Complete Pain to Recall

Just like with other accompanying quests, make sure to talk to Clive inside the lighted circle.

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The second quest is much more straightforward than the first, as after talking to Clive you’ll instantly head to the Airship Landing, and then after a cutscene be taken to Gridania. Now you’ll be tasked with accompanying Clive around the city, in an effort to restore his memories. There are four locations you’ll need to visit, and you’ll have to talk to Clive at each. They’re roughly marked on your map, but here’s where to go.

  • Carline Canopy
  • Chocobokeep
  • Aetheryte Plaza
  • The Adders Nest

There’ll be another cutscene and a few more conversations before you can pick up the third and final quest, where the action hits.

How to Complete The Path Infernal

You’ll have some unique abilities during the Ifrit fight, but make sure you’re dodging all the usual AoE attacks.

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After the events in Gridania, Clive will take off on his own to Apkallu Falls. Follow him there and you’ll be thrust into a one-on-one battle with Ifrit, that is the FFXVI version of the Eikon. During this battle, you’ll have access to three unique abilities, and you’ll need to use these wisely to take the boss down. Here are the abilities.

  • Rising Flames - Charge forward and deal high damage.
  • Dodge - Allows you to dodge unavoidable attacks. Note that this move only works when a countdown appears, and you’ll still need to avoid all the regular AoE (area of effect) attacks.
  • Precision Strike - After using dodge, lets you jump forward and deal high damage. Make sure to use this right after dodging to maximize your damage.

After completing the battle, you’ll have to head to Camp Drybone and talk to Clive and the Wandering Minstrel again. Your last task is to follow Torgal, so make sure you keep up with the pup using Spring as he can be pretty quick. Finally, you’ll have one final conversation with Clive before seeing him off to his own world and getting your just rewards.

How to Unlock FFXVI Crossover Orchestrion Rolls

You can find the Orchestrion Rolls and Triple Triad card at The Gold Saucer vendor.

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Once you’ve completed all three quests and gotten Torgal, there are even more rewards you can unlock, for a price. The crossover event adds ten new Orchestrion Rolls, used to play music in your home or apartment. There’s also a new Clive Triple Triad card as well. To get these rewards head to The Gold Saucer in Thanalan. The Orchestrion Rolls can be purchased from the Claim Attendant by selecting “Prize Exchange IV” for 20,000 MGP each. The card is purchased from the Triple Triad Trader for 200,000 MGP. That means, all said, you’ll need a staggering 400,0000 MGP.

That’s no small task, so you’ll likely have to grind things out for a while. Some of the best ways to gain MGP are by completing the timed events called GATEs at The Gold Saucer, completing weekly Log challenges for Chocobo Racing and Lord of Vermillion, taking part in the Fashion Report from Friday-Tuesday, and buying a Mini Cactpot ticket every three days.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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