The Fable Frontier

Everything we know about the new Fable for Xbox Series X

The legend continues.

After Fable 3 was released in 2010, the franchise has been treated to nearly a half-dozen trite spin-offs like Fable: The Journey, Fable Coin Golf, and quite a few more. After months of speculation and leaks, Microsoft debuted a cinematic teaser during the July 23 Games Showcase that confirmed a new Fable game was in development for Xbox Series X — and we might as well call it Fable 4 until an actual title is confirmed.

Here's everything we know about the game billed as "a new beginning for the legendary franchise."

When is the Fable 4 release date?

There currently isn't a release date or window for the newest Fable. The minute-long reveal teaser doesn't offer much in the way of concrete information, but it would be safe to assume the latest Fable game is in early development.

We do know that this new Fable will be available exclusively on Xbox Series X and Windows 10. Most Xbox games in the near future are being released cross-gen for both Xbox One and for Xbox Series X, so that means Fable probably won't be released for quite some time. At this point, a late 2021 release date seems wildly optimistic but perhaps possible.

Is there a trailer for Fable 4?

Yes! An "official announce trailer" debuted when Fable 4 was announced during the Xbox Games showcase on July 23. You can watch it below.

In the trailer, a fairy flies through Fable's verdant forests, showcasing the brilliantly detailed graphics. The fairy is eaten by a frog, which is a great example of Fable's classic cheeky humor. Afterward, we're shown an unnamed kingdom. The central building looks somewhat similar to Fable 2's Fairfax Castle, but it isn't said where this kingdom is located or if we're even in Albion.

According to Fable's creative director, British actor, Simon Callow provided the narrator's voice in the trailer. Callow is known for his role as Gareth in the original Four Weddings and a Funeral. It's currently unknown if Callow will portray a character in the full game or if his involvement is a one-off for the trailer. "Not all stories have happy endings," he says.

Will Fable 4 be on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes! According to the description on the Fable trailer, the new game will be on Game Pass when it launches, which means that Xbox Series X owners who also subscribe to the service will be able to play the new Fable for free.

How does Fable 4 connect to the previous games?

We're not sure how it connects yet. The Fable announcement trailer didn't place a number after the Fable name. This could be a reboot or a continuation of previous games, but context clues hint at the former.


Microsoft does officially describe this as "a new beginning for the legendary franchise," so it sure sounds like it might be a full-on reboot, or more likely some kind of soft reboot.

The series narrator and primary connective tissue between games, Theresa, was seemingly killed in the Kinect game, Fable: The Journey. Her role as a seer was passed on to Gabriel, allowing for new stories to be told without playing the other Fable games.

Who's developing Fable 4?

Fable is being developed by Playground Games. It's currently unknown how many (if any) developers from the original Fable games are returning for the sequel.

Playground Games are primarily known for their creation of the Forza Horizon series. This will be their first RPG and their first game without a car, unless this game somehow has cars?

What do the Fable 4 leaks claim?

Warning: Potential spoilers follow.

In June 2019, there was an alleged leak of Fable 4 featuring a video and a few narrative tidbits.

According to the leak, here's a synopsis of the new story:

Albion and Aurora are gone. "Lands reduced to fables." The Spire was rebuilt and used by a mad king to wish that an asteroid would strike the planet. He also wished it would happen again in the far future. Eons later and everything is new (medieval themed, new continents) and you have to stop the destruction of the planet again. Theresa and a Heroes Guild are preserved on another planet via a demon door. Time Travel heavily involved in play. Jack of Blades returns.

The same leak also promises that the upcoming Fable game will be completely open-world in concept. You'll even be able to ignore the main quests, avoiding your heroic destiny. If you do partake in main quests, you'll be allowed to build towns.

Everything stated here is unconfirmed, but the corresponding video was continually taken down, leading commenters to believe it was legitimate. The leak did correctly guess that Fable 4 would be helmed by Playground Games, which is evidence to support the claims.

Fable is set to release exclusively for Xbox Series X and Windows 10.

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