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Elden Ring update 1.06 just nerfed the most overpowered skill

The biggest changes from the new patch.

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Game developer FromSoftware released a new Elden Ring update on August 9 and based on the patch notes, there are a substantial number of changes to look forward to. While this patch doesn’t feature any game-changing features, it does include numerous little alterations that improve the overall experience. For example, the pesky Bloodhound’s Step Skill received a much-needed nerf, the White Mask Varre quest is completable offline, and many other additions. But what should you be aware of with this new update? These are the biggest updates included in Elden Ring’s 1.06 patch.

5. Greatsword (and other heavy melee weapon) buffs

As part of patch 1.06, a large number of heavy weapons received buffs.

Specifically, the recovery time after swinging Greatswords, Curved Greatswords, and Great Hammers is now reduced, allowing you to roll much sooner after swinging. Strong attacks are also faster now, making these weapon types more viable in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

4. Multiplayer improvements

Co-op and PvP are now more approachable thanks to patch 1.06.

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The multiplayer component of Elden Ring — both co-op and PvP — is finicky, but now it’s slightly more approachable thanks to the new patch.

You can now send summon signs to faraway locations labeled as “distant areas,” meaning you don’t have to warp around the world to play cooperatively in any given section of the game. The same applies to PvP, as you can now invade “a larger area,” saving you some time from having to fast travel to specific areas to play with others.

3. Rivers of Blood “Corpse Piler” Skill nerf

Speaking of PvP, the overpowered Rivers of Blood “Corpse Piler” Skill has often been a thorn in the sides of online players. Thankfully, this Skill is less effective now after patch 1.06.

Now, the Skill has reduced damage and bleed build-up. It’s worth noting that the weapon’s blade itself only deals slightly less damage now, while the blood wave has received the brunt of the nerf.

2. White Mask Varre’s questline changes

The White Mask Varre questline can now be completed offline thanks to the latest patch.

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Previously, you needed to have invaded three real players to advance White Mask Varre’s questline. While this wasn’t necessarily the hardest thing to do, it was often a pain to get connected with other players and to defeat them.

Now, the latest update allows you to invade NPCs to advance the questline, rather than forcing you to defeat other real players.

1. Bloodhound’s Step Skill nerf

Finally, and most notably, the Bloodhound’s Step Skill received a substantial nerf as part of patch 1.06. The Skill is used to quickly maneuver around an area, making it hard to even be touched while in motion. It almost felt like a teleportation ability due to how quickly it allowed players to move around.

Now, the skill takes longer to utilize and doesn’t move players as far. However, Bloodhound’s Step is now more effective when using light equipment loads, allowing you to move greater distances. This rewards players for wearing less armor, while penalizing heavier builds.

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