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Lost in the Lands Between?

Elden Ring

Need a map for some of Elden Ring’s areas? The Lands Between is a tricky place to navigate at the best of times, packed with ruins, dungeons, and secret routes to otherwise inaccessible areas. Since adding NPC markers, quests have certainly become a lot easier to navigate, but the map itself is still a real beast.

Though small at first, as you play you’ll find that Elden Ring’s map just keeps growing and growing, adding ever more areas to the sprawling realm. There are 20 different map fragments to find in Elden Ring, each unlocking a specific region, complete with bosses to beat and riches to plunder. The scariest part is you only have to go to around half that number to actually complete the game.

So, in this Elden Ring map fragments guide, we’ll walk you through how to get the map for every region in the game, as well as a very brief explanation of what you can find in each. It’s also worth noting that even if you don’t have a map fragment for a region, if you explore enough, its location should appear on your blank map as a tiny glowing pillar, so keep an eye out.

Elden Ring map fragments

Starting with the above ground, and in the order, you’re likely to get to them, here is where to find each region map in Elden Ring.

West Limgrave map fragment

Home to Stormveil Castle and both the Margit and Godrick boss fights. There are also lots of field bosses and starter dungeons.


The starting area map fragment is easy and the first you're likely to encounter. From the Church of Elleh site of grace, simply follow the road through the woods to the gate front ruins and you'll find the pillar in the center of the camp.

East Limgrave map fragment

The Mistwood and Fort Haight are located here, as are Blaidd, D, and Selen. You can also head underground at the Siofra River Well.


After the Third Church of Marika, follow the road south through the Mistwood until you find the map pillar on the left side of the road by the Siofra River Well elevator. Alternatively, after you meet Patches in Murkwater Cave, his transporter chest takes you straight there.

Weeping Peninsula map fragment

A great place to build strength with harder dungeons than Limgrave, two Churches of Marika, and lots of fun weapons and items.


Cross the Bridge of Sacrifice in south Limgrave and keep following the road until you pass a merchant and head through a broken wall. The map pillar is on the right side of the road, but watch out for the Golem Archer in the distance, and the patrolling Night’s Cavalry when it’s nighttime.

Caelid map fragment

Caelid can be hard to explore, but is home to best boss Radahn, and strong items like the Moonveil Katana and Meteorite Staff.


This is one of the simplest map fragments. From the Rotview Balcony site of grace where you enter Caelid, follow the road that leads east, turns south, and then turns east again. You'll pass a sleeping dragon before arriving at a map pillar by a fork in the road. If it's nighttime, watch out for the patrolling Night's Cavalry boss nearby.

Dragonbarrow map fragment

A sparse region whose main attractions are a big dragon and the Bestial Sanctum where you trade Deathroot for incantations.


This one is also accessible from the Rotview Balcony site of grace. Follow the road east past the wrecked carriage until you spot a rocky outcrop on the left that lets you jump the ravine. Keep following the road past the site of grace and you'll find the map pillar just before a pool with some dragons.

East Liurnia map fragment

Both the Carian Study Hall and the Ainsel River Well are located here, but you need to pursue Ranni's quest to access both fully.


From the merchant and the Liurnia Lake Shore site of grace, travel north-west along the flooded road to find the map pillar surrounded by revenants. Be careful of the ones that jump out from beside the road, too.

West Liurnia map fragment

In the north is Caria Manor and the start of Ranni's quest. The Four Belfries also unlock secret locations in exchange for Imbued Sword Keys.


This map pillar requires you to travel the length of Liurnia's western side. Keep going until you pass the Four Belfries and the carriage being pulled by trolls until you reach the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore site of grace. The pillar is just beyond, before the Kingsrealm Ruins.

North Liurnia map fragment

Here lies Raya Lucaria Academy and Rennala. In the north are the Dectus lift and Ruin-Strewn Precipice that lead to the Altus Plateau.


This map pillar is located right next to the Academy Gate Townsite of grace. You can see the Raya Lucaria Academy from pretty much anywhere in Liurnia, due to it being built on a giant rocky outcrop. Head towards it and find the sunken town to its southeast. Skirt the south side of the town to find the grace and the pillar.

Altus Plateau map fragment

A region of tough bosses and dungeons, including Ancient Dragon Lansseax. You can also find Goldmask on a bridge to the north.


This is another easy one. From where the Grand Lift of Dectus comes up, follow the road northwards, ignoring the track that leads towards the outer gates of Leyndell. You'll find the pillar on the left side of the road.

Leyndell, Royal Capital map fragment

Leyndell is the capital and home to bosses like Morgott. You can also unlock the undercity through Dung Eater's quest.


This is similar to the last one, except you need to take the track that leads towards the outer gates. Watch out for the enemies and the dual Tree Sentinel boss. Remember that you can always run past and fight them later. Through the gates, you'll find a site of grace and a map pillar just off to the side.

Mt. Gelmir map fragment

Traverse these mountains to find the Volcano Manor, or avoid them entirely with Rya's quest, or the Abductor Virgin in Raya Lucaria.


Mount Gelmir's map pillar is the worst one in the game to get, as it requires you to travel through the entire region. Enter Gelmir by heading to the north of the Altus Plateau and traveling west. From the Bridge of Iniquity site of grace, pass through the battlefield, and look for a ladder on the left side near the Abductor Virgins. Keep heading west past the siege tower and the Mad Pumpkin Head and use the rocky outcrop to jump to the next mountain.

Look for a ladder ahead, but be careful of the Grafted Scion that will jump down. Keep climbing ladders until you reach the top with the frenzied soldiers, then head left towards the bridge to the Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite grace. Use the spirit step to jump into the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast boss arena, but skirt the edge to the right until you find an outcrop that lets you jump to the next mountain. Drop down by the hanging troll, and down through the woods infested with those hand enemies until you find the map pillar. Watch out for the big hand enemy that appears right next to it. Remember that fire is good at stunning them.

West Mountaintops of the Giants map fragment

Littered with treasure-filled ruins, and in the north, Castle Sol, which contains part of the Haligtree Medallion that opens the Consecrated Snowfield.


This area is accessible after Melina gives you the Rold Medallion and you've made your way out of Leydell and through the Forbidden Lands. Use the medallion to ascend the elevator, and just past where you come out you'll find the map pillar.

East Mountaintops of the Giants map fragment

This is where you'll find the kiln and Fire Giant boss. The map fragment also reveals the floating city of Crumbling Farum Azula.


This map pillar is on the main track through the region. After you cross the bridge with the golem archer and get to the frozen river with the patrolling golems, head east. You'll eventually come to a frozen lake where the Borealis dragon boss will attack you in the fog. Bear south along the edge of the lake until you find the First Church of Marika, and then head west past the Guardians' Garrison fort and over the chain bridge at the far end. On the opposite side, you'll find a site of grace and a pillar.

Consecrated Snowfield map fragment

This region hides the portal to Mohgwyn Palace along the western cliffs, and to the Haligtree where Malenia is located in the north.


Once you exit the Secret Path to the Haligtree dungeon, follow the road marked by lights that you can also see on the map. Eventually, the fog will clear and you'll find yourself by a frozen river. The map pillar is on the north side of the river near some wolves. Be careful of heading too far along the river as Anastasia, Tarnished Eater will invade.

Underground regions

Elden Ring’s underground areas also have map fragments, but these are found on corpses rather than by map pillars.

Siofra River map fragment

Light the torches to fight the Regal Ancestor boss. This region also contains Nokron, which is only accessible once you beat Radahn.


When you exit the Siofra River Well elevator, head through the ruins until you reach the main area, and the Siofra River Bank site of grace. You'll see the Hallowhorn Grounds temple just ahead, and by its steps, a body that is carrying the map fragment.

Ainsel River map fragment

Less open than Siofra, but only accessible fully through Ranni's questline. That said, anyone can fight the Dragonkin boss.


Once you travel down the Ainsel River Well, you'll have to fight your way through some ant-infested tunnels until you eventually make it into a big open area with a giant star scorpion that fires boulders at you. The bad news is the map fragment is in the building directly underneath it with the merchant. You can sneak your way around the sides, taking cover, to get as close as possible. Time your run to the entrance between it throwing rocks, and you should make it inside.

Lake of Rot map fragment

The last area in Ranni's quest. There are two bosses here: a Dragonkin, and Astel, who gives you access to the Moonlight Altar in Liurnia.


If you are in the Lake of Rot then you must be following Ranni's quest, as that's the only way to access it. Once you defeat the shade of Blaidd after Nokstella, keep heading forward until you hit the shore of the lake. Here you'll find a body with the map fragment.

Deeproot Depths map fragment

This undead city contains the Lichdragon Fortissax and Crucible Knight Siluria bosses. This is also an important location for Fia's questline.


Whether coming from the Siofra Aqueduct coffin or Leyndell, you'll have to cross the roots, so watch out for the flying ants. Eventually, you'll arrive at the Deeproot Depths site of grace with a finger reader nearby and a view of the sunken city. Head down towards the buildings, watching out for deathblight basilisks, and you'll find the map fragment on a body near a circular pillared structure.

Mohgwyn Palace map fragment

Mohgwyn Palace is where you find the Lord of Blood boss, but you can also loot some late-game items in this region.


Once you've warped through the portal in the Consecrated Snowfield, you'll have to head through most of the region to get this map fragment. You are getting close once you find the Albinaurics who summon giant skeletons. In a pillared open-air courtyard, you'll find a body with the map fragment, and further up, the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance site of grace.

And that’s every Elden Ring map fragment. We hope it helps you find your way around the Lands Between!

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