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How to summon your horse, spirits, and other players in Elden Ring

Turn the tide of battle by summoning.

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Summoning is a major component of Elden Ring, as it can make certain enemy encounters in the open-world RPG much easier. But in typical fashion, developer FromSoftware doesn’t explain the mechanics in a straightforward way. It also doesn’t help that, functionally, you can summon a horse to ride, spirits to fight alongside you, or even other human players to fight with or against. Figuring out the distinctions and functions of each is important for your journey through the Lands Between, so here’s how the various forms of summoning work in Elden Ring.

How to summon a horse mount in Elden Ring

You won’t get far without your trusty spectral steed, so you’ll want to make it a priority to acquire it as soon as possible. The horse, called Torrent, is acquired from the Gatefront Site of Grace just before you make your way to the Stormveil Castle. Rest at the Site of Grace, and Melina will give you the Spectral Seed Whistle. Use this item to summon Torrent at any time, as long as you’re outside.

Torrent, your horse, will help you get around quickly.

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There are also certain instances such as during a multiplayer invasion or during red phantom fights that prevent you from riding your horse. But for the most part, you can summon Torrent most of the time while outside. Don’t forget to make use of the horse’s double jump to climb up cliffs easier!

How to summon spirits or ashes in Elden Ring

One of the new mechanics in Elden Ring is the ability to summon spirits during battle. These creatures attack enemies for you and can be effective during boss fights, especially. These spirits are referred to as “Ashes” in-game, and take the form of wolves, jellyfish, and other beings. Summoning spirits depletes your FP, which is essentially your mana, so make sure you have enough before selecting one.

The Lone Wolf Ashes is one of the best in the game and it’s likely the first one you’ll come across. It’s given to you by the witch at the Church of Elleh. This NPC also gives you access to the Spirit Ringing Bell, which enables you to summon the spirits. We advise equipping one to your Quick Items bar so you can easily summon them if need be.

Keep in mind, there are dozens of spirits to discover around the world, so make sure you explore thoroughly to find them all. You can even upgrade these spirits by speaking with Roderika the Spirit Tuner, but you need to first complete her questline.

How to summon other players in Elden Ring

You’ll have an easier time if you summon other players in Elden Ring.

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Of course, multiplayer is a major component of Elden Ring, allowing you to summon other players for assistance. Our in-depth multiplayer guide has all the details you’ll need to know, but we’ll give you a basic rundown here.

In order to summon specific players, you’ll first need to consume an item called Furlcalling Finger Remedy. This allows you to see other players’ summoning signs on the ground. Keep in mind, this is not a one-time use item. Instead, you must use it each time you want to summon players, so make sure you have plenty on-hand. Likewise, you can leave your summoning sign on the ground by using the Tarnished Furled Finger.

You can also use the Summoning Pools, which are often found close to a Site of Grace before a boss battle. By interacting with a Summoning Pool, you’ll be able to summon any player who has used a Small Golden Effigy to send their co-op sign to the closest Pool.

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