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Elden Ring: How To Beat Millicent's Quest

A journey in its own right.

Nosey, thorough Tarnished, you’re likely to come across a dame in distress named Millicent in your travels across the Lands Between. When you find the young woman in the Caelid’s Church Of The Plague, she’s in obvious pain sitting by candlelight against a stone wall. If you want to be a decent Elden Lord who’s far better than the demigods you’re charged with slaying, it’s probably in your best interest to help Millicent from the sickness that pervades the rest of Caelid’s twisted horrors.

In typical Elden Ring fashion, however, how to help Millicent isn’t abundantly clear. Luckily, we here at Inverse can guide you in the right direction, so you can properly net the end game item this quest gives out.

Getting to Millicent in Elden Ring

Before you can begin Millicent’s quest, you’ll need to complete a couple of prerequisites. For one, make sure you’ve finished Gowry’s quest to retrieve the Unalloyed Gold Needle. He can be found at his shack in Caelid. He is one of the NPCs you’ll want to meet, especially if you’re investing in incantations.

Millicent isn’t doing too hot when you first meet her.

Elden Ring Wiki

To beat this quest, you’re going to want to head west from Gowry’s shack and defeat the boss Commander O’Neil. Once the Needle is returned to him, he will charge you with returning a repaired version of the Needle to Millicent. He will tell you to visit Millicent who is waiting northeast of his shack at the Church Of The Plague.

When you arrive, she’ll be sitting near a site of grace at the church. You’ll want to speak with her, exhausting her dialogue until you’re given the option to give her the Needle. Afterward, sit at the site of grace and then speak with her once more, until she gifts you the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom, which provides a moderate plus-5 boon for dexterity.

You’ll need to sit at a site of grace to advance the next part of Millicent’s journey. Afterward, head back to Gowry’s shack, where you’ll speak to Millicent once more before she leaves Caelid. This will give players the option to purchase incantations from Gowry.

Finding Millicent Abroad in Elden Ring

The next place you find Millicent’s will be at Atlus Plateau. She’ll be standing just northeast of the site of grace at Erdtree-Gazing Hill. To advance her quest, you’ll have to find an item called Valkyrie’s Prosthesis in Shaded Castle. Advance through the walkway on the structure’s northwestern lip, fighting (or evading) the enemies until you find a Cleanrot Knight kneeling in front of a small set of stairs leading to a room full of statues. After defeating him, grab the Valkyrie’s arm, and return it to Millicent. Speaking with her should trigger her relocating to Dominula at the Windmill Village, another location in Atlus Plateau.

The Godskin Apostle will put up one hell of a fight.

Elden Ring Wiki

Advance through the village until you’re faced with the Godskin Apostle. It’s a tough fight, so be sure you’re leveled up to persevere. Victory will reward players with the Scouring Black Flame incantation, a Godskin Peeler blade, as well as access to the Windmill Heights site of grace. Millicent will appear after resting at the site of grace. Speaking to her will advance the quest.

To The Grand Lift of Rold in Elden Ring

Millicent can next be found at the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins. She’ll be standing near the Mountaintops Of The Giants’ site of grace. It’s worth noting that players should complete all of Millicent’s quest line to this point before taking down the main quest boss, the Fire Giant, in this area. This is very important. Advancing past the Fire Giant before completing Millicent’s arrival here will cut you off from completing the rest of her quest.

Players will need to access Miquella’s Haligtree next. To do so, they’ll need to obtain the two Haligtree Secret medallions, one half from the Village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia, and the other from Castle Sol in the Mountaintops Of The Giants. Together they’ll grant you access to the Grand Lift of Rold, which will take you to Miquella’s Haligtree.

Grand Lift of Rold, shown here on the map, is only accessible after obtaining the two halves of the Haligtree Secret medallion in Liurnia and the Mountaintops Of The Giants.

Elden Ring Wiki

The Haligtree is an endgame area, so it is advised that players be prepared for a fight. At the Haligtree, work your way north, through the tough enemies until reaching the Prayer Room site of grace. Speak with Millicent here and exhaust all her dialogue options to advance to the next part of the quest.

Keep working towards the Elphael Inner Wall, located at the tip of the Haligtree’s map. From there, head south, through a doorway, turn right, and climb onto the tree that has overgrown through the walls at the end of the hallway. Jump onto solid ground after passing through the demolished brick wall. Now trudge through the lake of scarlet rot ahead. There is a doorway on the other side of the branch that blocks the end of the large room. Follow the branches along the right, which will whip around and lead you to a room with the Drainage Channel site of grace.

The Final Stretch in Elden Ring

We’re almost there, Tarnished! From the Drainage Channel, head west through a doorway and up the ladder. At the top, head through the doorway on your right. Follow the footpath upwards until hitting another branch that descends towards a pool of scarlet rot. Heading towards a pickup in the distance of that pool will trigger a fight with an Ulcerated Tree Spirit. Beat this mini-boss and head across the scarlet rot pool towards the snowy hill on the opposite end.

If you can make it past Malenia, arguably From Software’s toughest boss ever, then following through on Millicent’s quest will have been well worth it.

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Here, you’ll find two summoning signs, presenting the player with a choice. Choose the gold summoning sign to aid Millicent in fighting her sisters. Doing so will reward you with the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia talisman, which increases attack power on successive hits. It will also allow you to progress her side quest.

Choose the red insignia and you’ll fight Millicent. Defeating her rewards you with Millicent’s Prosthesis, which increases dexterity, as well as attack power on successive hits. It will also end the questline.

Again, assuming you don’t want to be as rotten as the scarlet sludge you trekked through to get to this point, choose the gold summoning sign. After the hard-fought battle, speak to her once more before hitting a site of grace.

Use the Unalloyed Gold Needle on Malenia’s scarlet bloom to recieve Miquella’s Needle in return.

Elden Ring Wiki

Now head back to the hill where you found Millicent’s summoning signs and you’ll find the Unalloyed Gold Needle once more. You’ll have to take the Needle to Elden Ring’s final boss, Malenia, to complete Millicent’s quest.

If you manage to defeat From Software’s magnum opus of boss fights (we can lend a hand with that as well), walk over to the scarlet flower after her demise and use the Gold Needle to receive Miquella’s Needle in return.

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