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Where to find the Anvil Hammer in the Elden Ring DLC

Here is where you can find the Anvil Hammer in Elden Ring, add it to your arsenal and build.

by Echo Apsey

There are many new weapons in the Elden Ring DLC. But none are quite as mighty and imposing as the Anvil Hammer. This gigantic, hulking weapon is said to be inspired by an altar and is as red-hot as you would expect from a weapon birthed in a forge. In addition to its power, it also has a brand new skill: Smithing Art Spears. This summons spears from the ground after you land a swing, piercing enemies from below.

The Anvil Hammer can be found pretty early on in the game if you explore the Gravesite Plain enough. Here is the exact spot where it is located.

Elden Ring DLC Anvil Hammer location

The Anvil Hammer can be found at the end of the Ruined Forge Lava Intake. This is a dungeon in the Gravesite Plain just to the right of the large bridge in the centre of the area.

The Dungeon can be found within a cliffside just south of Castle Ensis.

Bandai Namco

The Ruined Forge Lava Intake is a pretty small dungeon. However, it does have a few enemies you need to slay from behind and some levers you need to pull to open up doorways and lower beams. However, this dungeon is linear, and once you have lowered the large pipe, you can climb up it to the top to get the Anvil Hammer.

The Anvil Hammer can be obtained from the forge where it looks like it was made.

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