Where to Find Elden Ring’s Rare and Important Iris of Occultation Item

Scattered around the Shattered Realm.

by Echo Apsey

The Elden Ring DLC is not for the faint of heart. Luckily, that’s what guides are for. The Iris of Occultation is one of the rarer items in Elden Ring’s DLC, found in rare, hidden spots in The Shadow Realm. It can be used to give you the powers of your equipped Great Rune at the cost of the runes you are holding. But, more importantly, it is also used for two questlines.

Giving the Iris of Occultation to the right NPCs will give you some neat rewads, including a Spirit Ash and a Greatsword. Here is where the Iris of Occultation can be found across The Shadow Realm.

Elden Ring Iris of Occultation Location

The Iris of Occultation is located at Fort Reprimand and and Shadow Keep. The one at Fort Reprimand drops from a lesser Omenkiller at the bottom of the fort. They are the tall robed enemies with swords or clubs. The Iris at the Shadow Keep is found on the body of a Lesser Ulcerated Spirit, residing in the Sunken Chapel.

Fort Reprimand can be found in Scadu Atlus.

Bandai Namco

If you want to complete the questlines which require the Iris of Occultation, you need to obtain the Prayer Room Key from the Church of the Crusade and give it to Fire Knight Queelign. Alternatively, you can give one to Jolan after you complete the questline for Count Ymir.

But if you aren’t too keen on completing these questlines, it is worth seeking the Iris’ out, as you can get the benefits of the Great Rune from them, stacking your stats and boosting your strength further.

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