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Everything we know about DokeV

Is this the Pokémon-inspired game you’ve always dreamed of?

dokev screenshot character and monsters
Pearl Abyss

DokeV emerged as a standout during the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021 livestream for good reason. With its gorgeous art style, catchy theme song, detailed open-world environments, and obvious Pokémon influences, the Pearl Abyss project was bound to attract a certain audience. With the renewed fervor in mind, here’s everything we know about the game including the latest on its release date, gameplay features, platforms, and more.

When is the DokeV release date?

According to August press releases, it appears DokeV doesn’t have a precise release date and is instead simply listed as “in development.” Following the reveal of the Gamescom gameplay trailer in August, Pearl Abyss confirmed a release window will be announced later.

There are many ways players can travel in the world of DokeV.

Pearl Abyss

While some sources suggest a beta for the game was originally projected to launch sometime in 2020, it appears all evidence of that supposed testing period has been removed. For now, it looks like it may be a while before gamers can try DokeV for themselves, but we’ll update this article if a discussion of a possible beta resumes later in the year.

Where is there a DokeV trailer?

To date, there have been two DokeV trailers. The first one debuted in November 2019 during a Pearl Abyss Connect livestream. You can watch the three-minute clip below. While some initially believed the trailer featured gameplay, it looks to be the game’s opening cinematic instead. In the clip we see a player character boarding their skateboard, making their way through a sprawling metropolis full of shops and unique creatures. We also see some characters fishing.

The DokeV reveal trailer from 2019

The player character starts driving a car and even parachutes into a boss battle against a powerful monster. He teams up with a group of friendly monsters to defeat it.

In the Gamescom trailer, which debuted during Opening Night Live in August 2021, we see many of these same features from the perspective of actual gameplay. There are lots of ways for players to traverse the in-game city, including skateboards, in-line skates, bikes, cars, and more.

DokeV Gamescom trailer August 2021

When it comes to combat, DokeV offers players weapons to fight enemy monsters, but they can also take a small group of allies into battle for help. Most sequences show players hitting bosses with large hammers, while gear can be equipped to offer additional abilities beyond those basic attacks. Defensively, DokeV also features a dodge roll mechanic reminiscent of Monster Hunter or Kingdom Hearts.

What’s the DokeV story?

While we don’t quite know what the precise gameplay loop of DokeV will be based on these two trailers, Pearl Abyss has revealed that DokeV takes place in a world full of creatures called Dokebi that gain strength by encouraging humans to live out their wildest dreams. How the pictured enemy monsters fit into that loose narrative remains to be seen.

What are the DokeV platforms?

When you’re not exploring, there’s ample opportunity for combat with enemy monsters.

Pearl Abyss

Pearl Abyss hasn’t announced a list of supported platforms for DokeV, only confirming that the game will be released on console and PC. It remains to be seen if that support includes current-gen consoles, last-gen consoles, or both.

What is the DokeV song?

DokeV has its own bespoke theme song called “Rockstar,” by GALACTIKA. You can download the original version for free here or a remix here. (Remember to right-click and “save link as.”)

Is DokeV an MMO?

Despite its trailers evoking MMO concepts, with large groups of players congregating and dancing together, Pearl Abyss recently made it clear that DokeV is not an MMO. Shortly after the Gamescom trailer’s debut, the game’s official Twitter account confirmedDokeV was initially introduced as an MMO, but we decided to move the game in a different direction and it's now a creature-collecting, open world action-adventure.”

While DokeV was originally billed as an MMO, it isn’t one anymore.

Pearl Abyss

The developer further added that “regardless of genre, we're going for fun, vibrant, and adventurous!”

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