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How to collect 5 feathers and more to claim Hawkmoon in Destiny 2

It's back.

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Longtime Destiny Guardians will fondly remember Hawkmoon, an exotic hand cannon that packed a serious punch. The gun has been a glaring omission from Destiny 2’s weapon pool since its launch, but that finally changed with the new Season of the Hunt. Hawkmoon returns to the looter-shooter and it's as devastating as ever.

To obtain the gun, you’ll need to tackle a new exotic quest called As The Crow Flies, which requires hunting down five feathers. We’ve put together an easy guide to helping you find them all and the steps you’ll have to complete after. Here’s everything you’ll need to do to get Hawkmoon.

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What is Hawkmoon?

Hawkmoon is a stylish weapon.


Hawkmoon is a deadly hand cannon that was a go-to in the first Destiny game. It has the exotic perk Paracausal Shot, which rewards Guardians with good aim. Every time you land a precision shot or get a kill, you’ll get a buff. The last shot of the clip will consume your collected buff and do extra damage based on how high you got it. That means that you can do serious damage to bosses if you manage to fire an entire clip into their weak spot.

Hawkmoon has another perk, which is a bit odd for Destiny weapons. The Transformative perk essentially makes it so the gun can drop again with randomly rolled side perks. As in, instead of getting it once and being done, it’ll be added to the loot pool and have a chance to drop again with tweaked perks. That’ll give hardcore players something to chase after, because who doesn’t love grinding for random rolls?

How to get Destiny 2's Hawkmoon quest

Spider proves himself as an Eliksni in the know yet again.


To obtain the exotic quest for Hawkmoon, As the Crow Flies, you’ll first need to make sure you’ve completed the introductory missions of Season of the Hunt. That means that you’ll need to get your lure and defeat your first Wrathborn. Once you do that, load into the Tangled Shore and speak to Spider. Head over to his den and grab the quest from his inventory.

The first step is a little vague and asks you to find something outside of Spider’s Den. You’ll quickly learn that you need to track down five golden feathers. There are some lore and hints to help track them down, but here’s the exact location for each one if you just want to get on with it.

Feather Location 1 - Outside Spider’s Den

The first feather is easy to spot.


The first feather is the easiest to find. Simply exit Spider’s Den the way you came in. You’ll see a golden feather on top of a crate right next to the entrance. Each time you’re near a feather, you’ll hear a shimmering sound, so give it a listen while you’re here so you know what to keep an ear out for during your hunt.


Feather Location 2 - The Sludge

The second feather is sitting on this high-up platform.


For the second feather, load into The Sludge landing zone in the EDZ. Run to the lost sector marker in this area and look straight across from it. You’ll see a warehouse on a cliff with a raised walkway leading to it. Climb up there and you’ll find the feather sitting right at the lip.

Watch out for ... The Sludge.


Feather Location 3 - The Steppes


Feather number three a mercifully simple one for you. Load into The Steppes in the Cosmodrome. Right in front of you when you load in, you’ll see a broken stone column that you can mantle up. Go up there and you’ll find a feather waiting for you.

The next one is located in The Steppes.


Feather Location 4 - Divalian Mists

You'll have to fly over to the Dreaming City for this one.


Feather four another simple one. Head over to The Dreaming City and load into Divalian Mists. Go straight ahead to the Blind Well entrance. Before you enter, you’ll see two pillars. Climb the one on your left to find the feather.

Find it on the eastern side of Divalian Mists.


Feather Location 5 - Shrine of Oryx

This feather came from the Moon.


This last one is a bit of a doozy if you’re not used to the Moon’s layout. Basically, you just need to get to the Shrine of Oryx. To do that, head into Archer’s Line on the Moon and go north. Before you turn to go up to the Hellmouth, there’s another path which takes you to the Hall of Wisdom.

Head in there and follow the spiral stone stairs down. Follow the series of hallways until you get to the shrine. From the entrance to the shrine room, run straight ahead to the other side of the structure and you’ll find the feather tucked up against a wall. If you’re lost, check this map out and just keep heading in that direction once you’re underground.

The Shrine of Oryx is one of the oldest and well-trodden places in the game.


Once you’ve collected the feather, head back to The Tangled Shore and speak to Crow in Spider's Den. You’ll get some dialogue and open up the second half of the quest called Let Loose Thy Talons.

Complete mission Cry From Beyond

First, you’ll need to complete a simple mission called Cry From Beyond. Head to the EDZ and load into The Sludge to get to the marker quickly. You’ll mostly just follow a glowing bird here while killing enemies and doing some light Destiny platforming. Eventually, you’ll reach the effigy of Hawkmoon. Pick it up and you’re good to go. Once you’ve completed the mission, head back to Crow to get your next step.

Collect 50 Orbs of Power

This should be straightforward enough. You’ll just need to collect 50 orbs of light. You’ll get a point both for collecting an orb and generating one, so the easiest thing to do is equip a masterwork weapon and get some kills. You can also do activities like Public Events to try and grab some orbs from other players in your instance. Do that, talk to Crow again, and move on to the next step.

Commune with the Traveler bird

This bird is seemingly an agent of the Traveler.

Bungie / Datto

You’ll be sent off to the EDZ next to investigate some corridors. You’ll want to head to the area where the planetary vendor, Devrim Kay, is set up in the Trostland. Follow the marker to an underground area and you’ll eventually find the glowing bird again. Interact with it to commune and unlock the next step.

Collect feathers

You won’t have to go anywhere special for this like last time. Instead, you’ll do a mission where you walk around collecting feathers that are clearly laid out in front of you. Follow the feather path and you’ll eventually bump into a boss. Defeat it to get one last feather and once again head back to Crow for your next step.

Kill Guardians or Champions

This next part is a bit of a grind. You’ll have to fill up a bar by either killing guardians of champions. Mathematically, you’d need to kill about 200 guardians or about 34 champions to fill it up. Unless you’re a PVP pro, Champions are probably the easiest way to go here. Legendary lost sectors are the ideal place to find champions, so head in to one of those (with a team if you can) and get ready to kill a whole bunch of enemies.

Complete The Crow and The Hawk Mission

One last mission stands between you and hand cannon glory. Head back to The Sludge in the EDZ and go exactly where you went to trigger the Cry From beyond mission. You’re basically going to repeat the mission with an added twist. You’ll have to throw some orbs at Taken enemies to remove their barriers and kill them. Other than that, this is a straightforward quest where you’ll just have to wipe out a boss at the end. Finish that and Hawkmoon is yours.

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