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Everything we know about the creepy roguelike Cult of the Lamb

Shepherd your flock.

Cult of the Lamb codex
Massive Monster

You probably shouldn’t join a real cult, but there’s no harm in leading one in a video game. Cult of the Lamb stars a possessed lamb with the power of a fallen god, tasked with creating a cult in the god’s name. However, it’s not as easy as just rounding up a couple of furry friends for a church group.

The lamb must fight off belligerent nonbelievers and venture into dangerous dungeons to become the ultimate cult leader. The One Who Waits empowers them with a Red Crown, but it is up to you how they wield it. This is Massive Monster’s first game with Devolver Digital, publisher of hit indie games like Loop Hero and industry chili dog rep extraordinaire. Here’s everything we know about the equally unique Cult of the Lamb.

Does Cult of the Lamb have a release date?

Goodbye, cruel world.

Massive Monster

Unfortunately, no. Cult of the Lamb doesn’t have a release date yet. The latest Nintendo Indie Showcase confirmed that it’s still set to release in 202, with no exact date. Expect to see an announcement from the developer’s socials later this year.

What platforms will Cult of the Lamb support?

Cult of the Lamb will ascend on PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. In short, it’ll be out on all major platforms. It was initially announced for just PC, but the developer later announced it would be available for consoles.

Does Cult of the Lamb have a trailer?

Cult of the Lamb has two trailers featuring animations that look fresh out of Cartoon Network. Its first trailer focused on the lamb’s origin story by meeting the fallen god, the One Who Waits. The lamb awakens with godly red energy and frees the other enslaved animals in the scene, who fall to their knees in admiration. It then cuts to the other aspects of the game like defeating blasphemous beings, “shepherding the flock,” and eliminating threats to the cult.

The second trailer is the announcement for consoles, which also had its own unique animation. It shows a theater of thankful followers, one of which the lamb graciously sacrifices before a treasure chest reveals the consoles it would be supporting in its release.

Is Cult of the Lamb a roguelike?

Sometimes dungeons hold merchants instead of enemies.

Massive Monster

Yes, but only partially. Cult of the Lamb loops between roguelike dungeons and city-building at the cult’s base.

Each loop starts at the door of a dungeon. You start with just one, then unlock more dungeons as your following grows. Inside, the lamb finds power-ups, more resources, and potential followers to expand their influence. It also means taking down mini-bosses and false gods, which are binding the One Who Waits in what is essentially hell.

Each room in the dungeon is randomized like one would expect from a roguelike. You don’t know what’s behind the next door. Combat involves attacking non-believers in real-time with hack-and-slash motions and a skill set including a weapon, ability, and dodge roll. Instead of breaking vases or boxes, you can collect wood, berries, and other resources from the room after you kill all the enemies inside.

Just another day in cult town.

Massive Monster

Then, there comes the city-building portion of the game. After completing a run, you come back to your base to indoctrinate any new followers and take care of them. That means building homes from the wood you collected, cooking food with berries, holding sermons, and so on. Got to keep your army happy to grow your following and gain more power.

Cult of the Lamb will grace its followers in 2022 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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