We found all 69 chili dogs in Devolver's E3 showcase

69 chili dogs

Devolver Digital’s 2021 E3 Showcase took viewers through their offices, which were littered with chili dogs. We were able to spot 69 of the tasty, sloppy treats in the video. Nice.

Here are all of them.

The first chili dog in the Devolver showcase isn’t a complete treat, but a breakdown of what goes into the dripping meat-filled delicacy.

First, we’ve got the immaculate plain hot dog as a poster in a Devolver’s office. Presumably, it’s a poster designed to inspire.

A lab-coated worker can be seen next to the poster pouring a globular sauce into a jar. They appear to understand that perfect sauce isn’t easy to obtain.

The initial chili dog is completed with what appears to be an empty bun plush on a picnic tablecloth.

Nina Struthers is presented with a pyramid containing at least 12 chili dogs, bringing us to 13 total sloppy treats.

While we’re here, let’s assume all platters are 12 chili dogs.

Another chili dog platter, equal in volume to Nina’s is presented, bringing us to at least 25 total chili dogs.

Caleb “The Brains” Hickey returns by pulling one fresh chili dog from the microwave. That’s a tally of 26 chili dogs.

There’s a dog portrait directly under the stove fan. If that was a real dog being held under an active fan, they’d be quite chilly. And Saint Bernards are cold-weather dogs. Let’s say that’s 27.

Two more chili dogs come out of the microwave, bringing us to 29 total.

Another three chili dogs are taken from the microwave. Now we’re at 32.

Struthers robs Hickey of his chili dog platter, but in the next shot, she’s seen with a different set of chili dogs.

Either something is amiss or Struthers has claimed 12 more chili dogs, elevating the count to 44.

In the credits, a man is gingerly handling his chili dog platter, bringing the total to 56.

They will not stop with these platters. The credits yet again show a fat stack of 12 dogs, taking us to at least 68 dogs.

The final chili dog is a verbal one.

We zoom in on a box labeled “Hotline Miami 3 Fan Requests” while a singer screams “Chili Dog. Epilogue.”

We’re at 69 total dogs.

Note: Devolver Digital has not offered us a chili dog, nor forwarded us their chili recipe.

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