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Everything we know about Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

Finally, we’re getting a remaster!

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Renowned JRPG developer and publisher Square Enix has revitalized many of its classic games for modern platforms, and the next one up is the spectacular Chrono Cross. From the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters for PC and mobile to console remasters like Nier Replicant, SaGa Frontier, and Legend of Mana, what’s old is forever new. Leaks previously hinted that there would be a remaster or remake of Chrono Cross, the PS1 follow-up to the beloved SNES RPG Chrono Trigger, but the February 2022 Nintendo Direct confirmed that a full-on remaster is indeed coming. It’s called Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

When is the Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers remaster release date?

Nintendo confirmed during the February 2022 Nintendo Direct that the Chrono Cross remaster would be released on April 7, 2022.

Is there a Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers remaster trailer?

There sure is! Nintendo released it as part of the February 2022 Nintendo Direct, but it’s mostly a sizzle reel of cutscenes, combat, and other gameplay tidbits.

What are the Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers features?

Just like in the original, there are more than 40 playable characters that can join your party. But there are also several updates that the trailer notes:

  • You can turn off enemy encounters
  • There’s a newly enhanced soundtrack
  • The Radical Dreamers text-based adventure released for the SatellaView will be included

What are the Chrono Cross remaster leaks say?

Particularly in retrospect, this Chrono Cross remaster was one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming. We first learned about this title’s existence following an Nvidia GeForce Now leak in September 2021. While Nvidia claims the list was speculative, many of the titles included have since been announced, like Outcast 2 and God of War’s PC port. Interestingly enough, the leak also hinted at the existence of a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster and a Final Fantasy IX remake.

In October, Folk singer Éabha McMahon told WLR FM’s Lunchbox radio show that she wrote a song for a PlayStation game remake that would be revealed around Christmas. The excitement heated up when Xbox Era Co-Founder Nick Baker (a.k.a., reliable leaker Shpeshal_Nick) said that he heard that the game McMahon talked about was a multiplatform remaster of Chrono Cross on the November 20 episode of his podcast.

Chrono Cross was released by Square (before it merged with Enix) for the original PlayStation in 1999 before coming to the west in 2000.

Square Enix

In the days that followed, insider NateDrake claimed that it was more than a simple remaster and teased developer Forever Entertainment’s involvement on ResetERA, a Chrono Cross crossover within Another Eden was spotted, and Gematsu claimed it had also heard about the game’s existence.

Square Enix certainly did a lousy job keeping this title under wraps, so we’re now eagerly awaiting more leaks or an official announcement.

What is the Chrono Cross x Another Eden crossover?

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space is a free-to-play RPG for PC and mobile created by Masato Kato, who was a writer on Chrono Trigger and the director of Chrono Cross. A crossover for the game was revealed in December 2021. On Reddit, user aceofivalia had discovered files referencing characters like Serge, Kid, Lucca, and Harle — all of whom appear in Chrono Cross. Considering Masato Kato’s connection to Chrono Cross, this collaboration made a lot of sense.

The event began worldwide on December 9, 2021. According to some details aggregated by a clever Redditor, the event will last five years. So anybody who wants to get into Another Eden has plenty of time to experience it.

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