The best headsets for the Nintendo Switch

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by Anne Loreto Cruz
The SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless and HyperX Cloud MIX as two of the 4 best Nintendo Switch headsets

It can be difficult to sift through all the options for a gaming headset, especially if you're trying to find one that's compatible with your Nintendo Switch. However, not all headsets are created equal when it comes to the Switch, since Nintendo's various ways of playing, listening, and chatting require different methods of connecting to the device. The best headsets for the Nintendo Switch will be lightweight and supportive enough to be comfortable for long hours of play, sound great with minimal lag, and also offer the connection options best suited for your lifestyle, whether you consistently play with the Switch docked, handheld or both.

If you only plan on listening to your games, you'll need headphones that produce the best quality audio and connect to your switch either via a 3.5mm audio jack on the console itself, or a USB-A wireless adapter that plugs into the docking station (like many other consoles, the Nintendo Switch is not compatible with Bluetooth headsets). If you want to use Nintendo’s voice chat while playing games like Animal Crossing, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you’ll need a headset that can also connect to the Nintendo Switch Online app on your smartphone. The exception to this rule is Fortnite, which supports in-game voice chat.

For the best listening experience, the driver size, or diameter of the small speaker that emits sound within the headset, is typically a good indicator of the audio quality it produces. Larger drivers also produce stronger bass tones with minimal distortion. When using a wireless headset, you’re likely going to encounter small amounts of latency or lag, so that’s also something to consider if you regularly play super fast-paced games with crucial auditory cues.

1. The best overall

  • Connection Type: 3.5mm audio jack with USB sound card
  • Driver size and type: 50mm titanium drivers
  • Weight: 262 grams
  • Wireless capability: No

Razer is known for producing great gaming headsets at an affordable price point, and the BlackShark V2 headset is no exception. The wired headset sits comfortably on your head with plush ear cups and connects to the Switch console via a 3.5mm audio cord. The memory foam ear cups aid in passive noise cancellation and they're also breathable — so your ears won’t become uncomfortably warm or sweaty after long hours of gaming.

The Razer BlackSharkV2 not only sounds great with 50mm titanium drivers that accurately reproduce powerful mids and bass but also looks great with a low-key design that offers performance but doesn’t scream “gamer headset." If you plan on using this headset with your PC or voice chat with Fortnite, this headset is sufficient if not a little basic, but you’ll need a separate solution for games that use the Nintendo Switch Online app for voice chat.

The V2 is a wired headset, but those seeking wireless capabilities can purchase the Pro version that connects to the Switch dock via USB for low latency wireless gaming.

One reviewer wrote: “The Triforce 50 MM drivers deliver immersive audio and the microphone has crystal clear quality. I've had numerous headsets throughout my gaming experience and these are by far the best for their price. $60 Well Spent in my book!”

2. The best portable wireless option

  • Connection Type: USB-C Wireless, 3.5 mm audio cord.
  • Driver size and type: 40 mm
  • Weight: 254 grams
  • Wireless capability: yes

The Steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless headset is one of the first of its kind with instant plug and play capability. While playing in handheld mode, all you need to do to connect your headset to the console is plug a small dongle into the Switch’s USB-C port. Since it’s connected via the USB-C, the Steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless is the only gaming headset that allows for wireless play while using the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode.

When you’re not playing on the go, you can use the included USB-A adapter to connect to your Switch dock for wireless playing, or you can use a 3.5mm audio cord for wired listening. The Arctis 1 Wireless also comes with a detachable boom mic with ClearCast noise cancellation, so teammates or opponents will be able to hear you speak clearly. If you also plan on using this headset for Among Us sessions or other PC games, it’s certified compatible with Discord, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on any server shenanigans.

As for the performance, this headset packs a lot on a sleek package with 40mm drivers, 30 feet wireless range, and 20 hours of battery life per charge. There are also intuitive controls on the headset itself, so you can adjust the volume or mute the mic with ease.

One reviewer wrote: "Wireless connectivity is amazing; you can connect to the PS5, Switch and PC via USB-C or the regular USB dongle attachment. Extremely comfortable! I have thick-framed glasses and after wearing this headset for 6+ hours straight, I would’ve never even known that I was wearing them. The mic is also really crisp and can be hidden very easily. I would highly recommend them!"

3. The best for Nintendo's chat app

  • Connection Type: bluetooth and 3.5mm audio jack cord
  • Driver size and type: 40mm HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers
  • Weight: 258 grams
  • Wireless capability: yes

If you’re looking for a headset that you can use to both chat and play on various Nintendo platforms simultaneously, the HyperX Cloud Mix is the best pick for you. The Cloud Mix is the lightweight gaming headset that’s made to perform while playing on consoles or PC, but can also function as a Bluetooth headset for your smartphone. The Bluetooth functionality is key, as you can plug in the wired 3.5mm audio cable to listen to game audio and connect to your smartphone for voice chatting through the Nintendo Switch Online app during Animal Crossing or Mario Kart sessions. Since the Switch doesn't support Bluetooth, you can't listen and play wirelessly, but you could purchase a separate USB Bluetooth adapter to make this headset wireless compatible when the console is docked.

The HyperX Cloud Mix also has a detachable boom mic and an internal microphone in the headset so that you’ll always be audible whether you’re gaming at home or on the go. The sound quality on the Cloud Mix headset is also great, as it has 40mm dual-chamber drivers that produce powerful, balanced sound with little distortion.

One reviewer wrote: "I’ve been using these as my daily drivers for a little over a month and I gotta say that they really knocked it out of the park. This isn’t my first set of HyperX’s, so I knew what to expect with the build quality. These things are definitely built to last. The earpads are some kind of pleather, so they WILL wear eventually, like most others. The drivers sound phenomenal though, and they give you a 3.5mm cable and a mic attachment, if you want to hardwire. I definitely recommend these over some of the more expensive brands, especially if you’re planning on using them day in and day out like I do."

4. The best for an immersive sound experience

  • Connection Type: USB-A wireless while docked
  • Driver size and type: 40mm Pro G Drivers
  • Weight: 350 grams
  • Wireless capability: yes

The Logitech G533 Wireless Headset packs excellent audio specs into a comfortable and sleek-looking package. The headset’s 40mm Pro G drivers offer great audio quality for games and music, and it supports DTS 7.1 positional surround sound, which enhances your game’s immersion and lets you hear where obstacles and opponents are before you see them. The Nintendo Switch doesn’t advertise supporting true surround sound, but some users have been able to pinpoint sound locations on certain titles while using DTS 7.1 capable headphones.

Additionally, the G533 boasts an adjustable boom mic that is fixed on the headset but can be tucked up and automatically muted when not in use. The headset also has a 15-hour battery life and breathable mesh ear pads that can be removed for cleaning, so you can wear them for long sessions without your ears becoming too warm.

The biggest downside to the G533 headset is that there’s no audio jack, so you won’t be able to use it with your Nintendo Switch unless the console is docked, which is a dealbreaker if you frequently use your Switch on the go. If you rarely play handheld, this headset's features are well worth the affordable price point.

One reviewer wrote: “Works great with the Nintendo Switch. My son uses this to play Fortnite with his friends online. Now I can hear him yelling and screaming at them online...while that sucks for me, he and his friends seem to dig it. When this plays on the switch the tv is basically muted...I wish there was a way around that, but thats a Nintendo Switch setting. These are great headphone/mics.”

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