The 6 best lightweight gaming mice

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Whether you play first-person shooters, MOBA games, or anything else, a mouse with speed and accuracy could improve your game tenfold. That’s where the best lightweight gaming mice come in. When shopping in this category, you’ll want to consider the weight, the DPI, and the compatibility.

The weight of a gaming mouse is usually measured in grams, and lightweight options are quick to advertise that number. Typically, anything under 80 grams is considered comparatively “light,” but some mice weigh less than 50 grams. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference — but keep in mind that a super-lightweight mouse may have fewer features.

The DPI is important in any mouse, but since accuracy is especially important in gaming, it’s a must for this category. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, and it represents how many pixels your cursor moves across in a single inch. Basically, the higher the number, the more sensitive the mouse, but most top-selling options have a range of different settings you can choose from to customize your experience.

Finally, there’s compatibility, which consists of both the hardware and the software. All of these mice connect via USB port, and should therefore work on a basic level — but that doesn’t necessarily mean they offer software support for your specific operating system. (They’ll all work well with Windows, but according to reviewers who’ve spent plenty of time playing with these, the only mice here that offer great Mac OS compatibility are the wireless Logitech G PRO X Superlight and the wired SteelSeries Prime+.)

1. The overall best mouse for Windows

For most PC gamers, the Razer Viper is a great option — especially since it’s ambidextrous, high-precision, and reasonably priced. It utilizes optical mouse switches with beam-based technology, so it registers clicks incredibly quickly. Despite its low weight and drag-free cord, it has eight programmable buttons and you can customize RGB profiles with 16.8 million color combinations. Currently, it has an overall rating of 4.7 stars after feedback from more than 4,000 reviewers.

  • Weight: 69 grams
  • Maximum DPI: 16,000 (adjustable)

One reviewer wrote: “After going through numerous lightweight mice on the market recently (Hati, Skoll, MM710, S2 Divina); the Razer Viper was surprisingly the best one overall. [...] The Razer Viper has become my endgame for the time being in this new generation of lightweight gaming mice due to the minimalistic and stable design accompanied by the lastest sensor and switches.”

2. The best budget option

At 85 grams, the Corsair Harpoon PRO is the heaviest on this list. That said, it’s still lighter than most gaming mice out there, and at $25, it’s an undeniable value. Despite that low price, it offers high-accuracy tracking, customizable RBG lighting, and six fully programmable buttons for macros. The shape is rounded with ergonomic rubber grips and the adjustable DPI goes as high as 12,000.

  • Weight: 85 grams
  • Maximum DPI: 12,000 (adjustable)

One reviewer wrote: “Overall this is a very nice mouse for beginners who are searching for a cheap and lightweight mouse.”

3. The most widely compatible (and the overall best for Macs)

You can customize the polling rates, lift-off distance, RBG lighting, and CPI settings. The SteelSeries Prime+ also has neodymium magnets that are rated for up to 100 million crispy clicks, and each one registers super fast thanks to the infrared-light input beam. The mesh cable has less drag, and the textured matte finish wipes clean and offers great grip even in the presence of moisture. This is also one of the most widely compatible gaming mice out there that’ll work with Windows, Mac, Xbox, and Linux.

  • Weight: 71 grams
  • Maximum CPI: 18,000 (adjustable)

One reviewer wrote: “I use a mouse 14+ h/day for long days at work and then what time I can have saving the universe. I've owned about every brand, both wired and wireless. My latest venture with the SteelSeries was based off a YT vid review that just happened to play. [...] I've been pleased so far with this mouse.”

4. The lightest

Since it weighs just 49 grams, the Cooler Master lightweight gaming mouse is one of the most lightweight options on the market thanks to the honeycomb shell that’s virtually hollow. The feet are designed to minimize friction, and the woven cable reduces snag. It also has an ergonomic claw-grip shape that’s rounder than most others, with a finger-rest for added comfort. Using the software, you can adjust RGB colors, profiles, and macros for its multiple buttons, while the super-high DPI offers unparalleled accuracy.

  • Weight: 49 grams
  • Maximum DPI: 32,000 (adjustable)

One reviewer wrote: “As a small mouse with a honeycomb shell, this is one of the lightest [mice on] the market. There are giant PTFE mouse skates on the bottom with a ring around the sensor, making the mouse glide effortlessly. The new ultraweave cable is also super lightweight and flexible. To sum it all up, everything is so light and smooth that you don't even feel as if you're moving a mouse.”

5. The best wireless gaming mouse

According to reviewers, if you’re looking for a lightweight wireless gaming mouse, the Logitech G PRO X Superlight is the “best [they’ve] ever used” and “worth every penny.” (That helps explain the near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating.) It was designed in collaboration with Esports pros to be fast, precise, and minimalist as possible, all while remaining 25% lighter than fan-favorite wired versions. Other noteworthy features include smooth-glide feet, five programmable buttons, and a battery life that lasts around 70 hours.

  • Weight: 63 grams
  • Maximum DPI: 25,600 (adjustable)

One reviewer wrote: “The Logitech G Pro X Superlight is the best wireless gaming mouse on the market. It is lightweight and incredibly comfortable to use for long periods of time. It is well made and my hand fits over it perfectly. It is also incredibly precise and accurate.”

6. A honeycomb mouse for small hands or left-handed gamers

As previously discussed, the Cooler Master is incredible — but its ergonomic design makes it most suitable for right-handed gamers. The Glorious Model-O (Minus) mouse, on the other hand, has an ambidextrous design that everyone can use (including people with small hands). It has a lightweight honeycomb shell, smooth-gliding G-Skates feet, a braided no-drag cord, and an overall weight of 67 grams. Finally, you can customize the DPI, lighting effects, polling rate, and click/scroll speed, not to mention its six macro buttons.

  • Weight: 67 grams
  • Maximum DPI: 12,000 (adjustable)

One reviewer wrote: “I was researching for a good lightweight mouse for some time, stopped at this one and gave it a try. The mouse is small which I personally love (get Model O for medium size and O- for small size).”

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