The 8 best couch keyboards

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by Steven Rowe

If you work from home or just want to get more comfortable while you’re gaming, you might be looking to break away from your desk and hop on the couch. Available in wired and wireless styles, the best couch keyboards are lightweight, feature responsive key switches with the amount of tactile feedback you prefer, and have all the keys you need — whether it’s a full-size keyboard or just the essentials for gaming. Some styles even have built-in cushioning and mouse pads to create an all-in-one lap desk.

First, most couch keyboards use a tenkeyless (TKL) 80% design, which removes the separate number pad and features approximately 87 keys in a compact format. Many people find TKL keyboards to be comfortable, functional, and good for gaming — but you also have a choice of smaller keyboards such as TKL 75% or ultra-minimalist 40% styles. At the other end of the spectrum, you may want a full-size 100% keyboard with a number pad for things like data input.

Next, there are several types of keyboard switches and each provides a different response. Most couch keyboards below are mechanical, and you have a choice of three switches: linear, tactile, and clicky. Linear switches have extremely responsive keys, making them a popular choice for gamers. Tactile switches are quieter than linear ones and often allow for faster typing. Meanwhile, clicky switches take tactile one step further and have a louder “click” after being pressed — think of the old-school speed typers click-clacking away at their keyboards.

However, if you prefer a more low-profile keyboard that's responsive without clickiness, you can opt for a scissor-switch keyboard. While they aren’t ideal for fast, repetitive gaming commands, scissor-switch keyboards are great for typing and will feel very familiar to laptop users.

You can also choose between wireless and wired connections. If you prefer a wired keyboard for its quick reaction time, you’ll also want to consider the cord length to be sure it reaches your couch. If the included cord is too short, you can always add a USB Type-C, micro USB, or USB extender (each sold separately) that works with your keyboard.

Lastly, some of the keyboards below come with a mouse or a built-in trackpad. And if you want to complete your sofa setup, keep scrolling for a comfortable couch desk to pair with your new keyboard. With all that in mind, here are my top picks for the best couch keyboards that you can shop right now.

1. The fan-favorite keyboard that comes in lots of styles

  • Keyboard style: Tenkeyless 80% or full-size
  • Keyboard switches: Tactile, clicky, or linear
  • Wireless (Bluetooth or USB receiver) or wired (6-foot micro USB cord)

This Logitech gaming keyboard has earned a 4.7-star overall rating after more than 6,000 reviews, making it a fan-favorite pick on Amazon. The model featured here is tenkeyless, linear, and wireless, but you can also choose a full-size keyboard and clicky or tactile styles on the same page; there’s also a full-size wired option. This durable, lightweight keyboard features media controls, a volume wheel, programmable F-keys, and customizable RGB lighting that responds to your gameplay. The keyboard above connects to devices via the included USB receiver or Bluetooth, and you’ll get up to 40 hours of use per charge.

According to a reviewer: “I bought this keyboard for "couch gaming" [...] It's responsive, holds enough charge for a few days of use and [its] low profile is perfect to use it while it sits on your lap, while still being a mechanical keyboard.”

2. This highly rated keyboard & mouse set designed for Xbox One

  • Keyboard style: Tenkeyless 80%
  • Keyboard switches: Tactile and clicky, according to the brand
  • Wireless (USB receiver)

This keyboard and mouse combo set has everything you need to take your PC and Xbox One gaming to the couch. The compact mechanical keyboard removes the tenkey pad to save space, and it includes a wireless mouse and retractable mouse mat so you can balance everything on your lap. Plus, the mouse mat is magnetized for easy docking. The keyboard also has a built-in ergonomic wrist rest for comfort. This option is designed for both PC and Xbox One gaming, and it even features a key that quickly pulls up the Xbox dashboard. What’s more, the customizable RGB lighting works with Xbox Dynamic Lighting so the colors will sync up with your gameplay.

The wireless keyboard and mouse connect to your gaming device using a single dongle, meaning there won’t be multiple receivers clogging up your USB ports. As for battery life, the keyboard and mouse work for up to 11 and 30 hours respectively, with lighting enabled. If lighting is disabled, you’ll get 43 and 50 hours of use respectively. Overall, this popular gaming keyboard has earned a 4.3-star rating after more than 1,000 reviews.

According to a reviewer: “Hard to imagine using anything else for mouse-heavy PC gaming on the couch; the magnetic mouse is just that good, and as a side benefit the mechanical keys feel great.”

3. The best budget keyboard

  • Keyboard style: Tenkeyless 80%
  • Keyboard switches: Scissor
  • Wireless (USB receiver)

If you’re looking to spend less or primarily want a keyboard for media control, this lightweight wireless keyboard is a budget-friendly option that’s highly rated. It features a built-in touchpad and media keys so you can easily control your connected device. The keyboard connects using the included nano USB receiver and offers a wireless range of up to 33 feet. However, you’ll need two AAA batteries to power this keyboard (one set is included), and it does not feature RGB backlighting. The scissor switches also offer less precision than mechanical keyboards, so this may not be the best keyboard for serious gamers but is a good option for light typing and other work.

According to a reviewer: “This is a great wireless keyboard. I've used it with multiple devices and it always works flawlessly. The metal frame is solid and feels very comfortable while typing. It's a bit wide with the mouse pad but that makes it a great width for sitting with it on my lap while using it from the couch.”

4. A gaming lapboard with comfortable padding

  • Keyboard style: Tenkeyless 75%
  • Keyboard switches: Tactile
  • Wired (Approximately 10-foot USB cord, according to a reviewer)

While many wireless keyboards can be used from the sofa, this gaming lapboard is specifically designed for couch gaming. It features an ergonomic design with padding on the back, so it’s comfortable in your lap. The lapboard has a built-in, illuminated mechanical keyboard, a large wrist support area, and a wide, removable mouse mat. The lapboard also comes equipped with two USB ports so you can plug in your preferred gaming mouse, headset, or other USB accessories. This wired lapboard is plug-and-play, so you can start using it right out of the box. It is compatible with PC gaming as well as other major consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One.

According to a reviewer: “This thing is the best thing ever if you are like me and want to PC game but have a home console type of feeling. The cable is extremely long and can reach from a standard sized living room couch to the PC [...] It is so comfortable and easy to use.”

5. The compact keyboard with a Mac layout

  • Keyboard styles: Tenkeyless 75%
  • Keyboard switches: Tactile, clicky, or linear
  • Wired (Approximately 5-foot USB Type-C cord, according to a reviewer) and wireless (Bluetooth)

If you prefer the layout of a Mac keyboard, this versatile gaming keyboard is a great option that’s backed by a 4.6-star overall rating after over 2,000 reviews. Its compact design features a reduced 84-key layout that includes Mac function keys while remaining compatible with Windows operating systems. It can switch between wired and wireless modes, and when going wireless, this keyboard offers up to 72 hours of battery life. The keyboard also features an RGB backlight and three switch options — brown (tactile), blue (clicky), or red (linear) — so you can pick the level of sound and response that is right for you. It also has an ergonomic inclined frame for comfort.

According to a reviewer: “This keyboard is great! It's the first mechanical keyboard I ever tried using, and now I don't think I can go back to a normal keyboard. I went with brown switched, and I like how they feel a lot. The responsiveness of the keys, the sound, and even just the way the keycaps feel, it's all just fantastic.”

6. The one-handed gaming keyboard

  • Keyboard style: 40%
  • Keyboard switches: Tactile, clicky, or linear
  • Wireless (USB receiver) and wired (USB Type-C cord, length not specified)

This one-handed keyboard is equipped with 42 essential keys, and it can replace a controller or arrow keys when gaming. The RGB-backlit mechanical keyboard is available in three switch styles: blue (clicky), brown (tactile), or red (linear). This keyboard also comes with seven programmable macro buttons for faster gameplay commands, an ergonomically placed spacebar, and removable wrist support. This model can be used wirelessly and wired and it’s rechargeable through a USB plug-in, offering up to 20 hours of playtime per charge. A wired-only version, which comes with a 5-foot USB Type-C cord, is also available.

According to a reviewer: “This thing is awesome for couch gaming. I have been using it about 5 hours for the past 3 days with the lights off and it’s still not out of juice.”

7. A budget keyboard, mouse & mouse pad set

  • Keyboard style: Full-size
  • Keyboard switches: Clicky
  • Wired (Approximately 4-foot USB cord, according to a reviewer)

At $50, this keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad set is a budget-friendly way to outfit your couch setup. The 104-key, full-size keyboard lets you choose between 14 pre-set RGB backlight designs, and the included seven-button mouse and mouse pad are also RGB-lit. Plus, the included wrist support is removable.

According to a reviewer: “The mouse and keyboard both function exceptionally well with gaming, music production, video editing, and all other outlets of content creation. There's a great [level] of comfort here allowing for extended use without extra strain on the body.”

8. A full-size, wireless keyboard & mouse

  • Keyboard style: Full-size
  • Keyboard switches: Tactile
  • Wireless (USB receiver)

If you prefer a wireless full-size keyboard, this is a great option that also comes with a wireless mouse, and both items feature RGB lighting. The seven-button mouse makes web navigation and gameplay even easier, and thanks to the DPI+ and DPI- buttons, you can adjust the mouse sensitivity with just a click. The keyboard and mouse use one USB receiver to connect to your device. They’re USB-rechargeable and offer up to eight hours of battery life with lighting enabled. Choose from black and white.

According to a reviewer: “I needed a new keyboard and mouse since my wired keyboard and mouse were totally in my way. [...] It came charged and ready to go. It was as simple as plugging in [USB] transmitter and it [works] perfectly right away. The battery life is great.”

Also consider: A comfortable gaming desk

To make gaming and working from the couch more comfortable, consider pairing this adjustable couch desk with your favorite keyboard and mouse. The large and adjustable wrap-around cushions help create a desk space large enough for a keyboard and mouse pad, and the cushions also keep everything in place. The cushions are made from memory foam and the soft, suede-like covers are removable and washable, too. The desk is self-supporting, so no need to worry about balancing everything. It connects to your computer using the included 16.4-foot USB cable. Also, its six included USB ports mean you can customize your entire setup (and even charge your phone) all from one centralized location. It comes with a mouse pad and has three small storage pockets, too.

According to a reviewer: “This is the best couch gaming board you can buy. I really love it. I bought a gaming PC but did not want to sit at a desk. [...] The Couchmaster has USB hookups inside of it. I am able to hook up my mouse, gamepad, and keyboard.”

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