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You need to play the trippiest shooter ever for free on Xbox Game Pass

2019's dankest game.


We've entered a superhero game renaissance with the recent releases of Marvel's Avengers and Spider-Man: Miles Morales it's never been easier to play as your favorite masked vigilante. But rarely do we see a game developer create a cinematic universe that can stand up to the likes of Marvel and DC.

Remedy Entertainment's Control is one of those gems and considered to be one of the most stunning titles to be released in 2019. Xbox owners now have a chance to claim and keep a free copy of the adventure game so long as they subscribe to Xbox Game Pass — and as long as it remains in the Xbox Game Pass library.

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Control is an engrossing mystery from start to finish. You'll play as protagonist Jesse Faden. She's a seemingly normal and totally unsuspecting woman who infiltrates the secretive U.S. government agency called the Federal Bureau of Control.

The FBC headquarters isn't your average office.

The agency is responsible for containing and researching phenomena that defy the laws of reality. It becomes immediately clear that the FBC isn't the best at its job when it appoints Jesse as its new Director shortly after she visits the building for the first time while an inter-dimensional force of soldiers known as the Hiss invades to wreak havoc.

Luckily, Jesse can fight paranormal with paranormal by wielding an array of superpowers unlocked over time. By the end, you're a superhero with a myriad of powers ... and an alien-ish gun.

Jesse Faden is the protgaonist of 'Control'Remedy Entertainment

As you march through Control's roughly 12-hour campaign, Jesse unlocks various telekinetic abilities that allow her to pull and push almost anything around her. That lets her hurl boulders and groups of enemies or suspend rubble in front of her to block incoming fire. Top that off with a shapeshifting gun and it's hard not to feel like you're Jean Grey from the X-Men.

Control's setting might seem dull and dreary from the get-go. The FBC's HQ, known as "The Oldest House," is an almost featureless skyscraper that's filled with gray walls and cubicles, but Remedy manages to imbue its brutalist setting with more intrigue that it has the right to.

'Control' feels like an arthouse movie at some points.Remedy Entertainment

Each member in this cast of characters always has something to hide, including Jesse, and each revelation is highlighted with mind-bending cinematic cutscenes that momentarily turn Control into a trippy arthouse film that will keep you at the edge of your couch for the entity of its plot.

Even after its narrative, Control can provide up to 26 hours of endgame entertainment that will push you to explore every room and levitate every stone the game has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Join the FBC.

Control is out now on Game Pass for Xbox consoles and PC.

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