5 best Assassin's Creed Valhalla settlement upgrades to get right away

You'll be feasting in no time.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla may be brutal at times, but its settlement system is quite cozy.

When players aren’t raiding and pillaging in the open-world game set in 9th-century England, they can return to their home base to upgrade and maintain their own Viking village. Certain resources gained primarily through raids can be brought back to the game’s main hub and used to create buildings in the camp. Each of these offers different perks, but because there are so many options, it can be hard figuring out what to prioritize.

Here’s what you need to upgrade your settlement and which buildings you should focus on upgrading ASAP.

How to upgrade Assassin’s Creed Valhalla settlements

Once you enter England, you’ll be able to upgrade your settlement. At first, only a handful of buildings will be available. As you build more and complete certain alliance quests, your village will rank up, unlocking more options. Settlements can rise six ranks in total.

You'll need to amass a fortune to pay for these many upgrades.


In order to build, you’ll need raw materials. These are primarily obtained through raids, which are scattered throughout the map and feature different suggested power levels. Each raid location features at least two chests that can be pillaged, giving a cache of materials. While some resources can also be found in random chests around the world, raids offer the largest source of income.

Once you have enough materials, interact with the wooden signs outside of every tent. Spend your resources and it’ll transform into a full house with its own special utility.

What Assassin’s Creed Valhalla settlement upgrades to build first

5. Blacksmith

For the blacksmith to be vital in a warrior's settlement should come as no surprise.


The Blacksmith is a crucial part of your settlement. It’s the only place you’ll be able to strengthen weapons and gear.

Throughout the game, you’ll collect different metals that can be used to give your weapons and armor more rune slots and a higher quality level. The better the quality of your gear, the more times you’ll be able to upgrade it, raising the ceiling for how powerful each piece can become.

4. Assassin’s Guild

Assassins need an Assassin's Guild to do their job in 'Assassin's Creed Valhalla.'


The Assassin’s Guild unlocks one of the best features in the game: the Order of the Ancients.

This is a hierarchy chart available in your main menu that lets you track different members of the game’s secret society. It plays a crucial role in the game’s story, so you’ll want to pick it up as quickly as possible. You can also get rewards from the Guild by assassinating enemies and collecting codexes.

3. Barracks

Upgrading your comrades is crucial to the survival of your people.


Your companions that raid alongside you may seem like nameless NPCs, but the Barracks allows you to recruit new Vikings around the world and add them to your crew.

More importantly, the Barracks allows you to create a Jomsviking, who acts as your lieutenant. This AI-controlled character can be fully customized from their appearance to their weapon and armor loadout. That means that you can equip some of your most powerful gear onto them to get extra help in battles.

2. Fishing Hut

Somebody give this little boy some fish.


While the Fishing Hut isn’t entirely crucial to the game, it is how you’ll unlock the fishing rod.

That allows you to unwind a little by catching fish throughout the world. Caught fish can be brought back to the building and traded in for special goods like runes that let you upgrade your character, but also some fun cosmetic items.

1. Seer Hut

Some of the best experiences in the whole game come from the Seer.


At settlement rank three, you’ll gain the option to build the Seer Hut.

We recommend doing so as soon as it's available. Without spoiling the fun, the Seer Hut comes with its own set of quests, which contain some of the game’s best content. So unlock it when you can and enjoy what ensues.

What is "The Feast" in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Once your settlement ranks up enough, you’ll start to notice multiple buildings that mention "The Feast.” Every time you ring the bell in your village, you’ll hold a feast for its residents. Each time you do this, you’ll get a timed buff that increases some of your stats for a limited time.

Any time you upgrade a building that mentions the feast, it’ll add a new perk to your meal. This can be useful if you’re just about to enter a raid or high-level quest, but it’s worth saving these buildings for last since they only offer a timed perk whereas everything else has a more useful utility.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is now available.

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