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Everything you need to know about the Apex Legends 3rd anniversary event

Apex Legends turns three!

Apex Legends celebrates its third birthday today, with the start of the Anniversary Collection Event. In the spirit of the occasion, we’re here to outline everything you need to know about the festivities including the events’ dates, skins, free Prize Track rewards, and what you can expect to see in the store.

What are the Apex Legends Anniversary event dates and times?

The Apex Legends' third Anniversary Event runs from February 15 through March 1. Given that the event is expected to start at 1 p.m. Eastern, we imagine it will end at that time as well.

Apex Legends Anniversary Event Prize Track skins

For the first time, the latest Apex Legends Anniversary Event has a free Prize Track featuring 12 community-created cosmetics. Here’s a list of everything the free Prize Track includes. You can see each item below courtesy of iiTzFHD on YouTube. Earning skins just for showing up is always a welcome addition and should keep you logging in to Respawn’s fast-paced battle royale.

A first look at the anniversary Prize Track skins

  • Epic Year 3 Anniversary banner badge
  • Apex Pack
  • Rare Year 3 Anniversary FrAgMenT transition
  • Epic Time Capsule weapon charm
  • Epic Joyeux Anniversaire Holospray
  • Epic Crackling Surge Rampage skin
  • Epic Cheers weapon charm
  • Epic We’re Better Together Holospray
  • Epic Aftershock Wave R-301 skin
  • Epic Sun Bleached Wraith skin
  • Epic Three Cheers weapon charm
  • Rare Year 3 Anniversary Bamwoozle transition
  • Apex Pack
  • Cuffed Cub Epic Weapon Charm
  • Epic Real MVP Octane skin
  • Anniversary Apex Pack

What are the Apex Legends anniversary event skins?

In addition to the above-listed Prize Track cosmetics, players can also purchase a whole bunch of skins from the Event Store as well. Here’s a recap of what that event store lineup looks like.

February 15 through February 22

The first week of store rewards during the Apex Legends Anniversary event.

Respawn Entertainment/EA

February 22 through March 1

The second batch of store sales during the Apex Legends Anniversary Event

Respawn Entertainment/EA

Here’s everything you can expect to find in these bundles. You can see each skin below courtesy of HYPERMYST on YouTube.

A look at all the anniversary skins you can collect during the event.

Legend Skins

  • Thunder Kitty Wattson
  • Violet Veteran Bangalore
  • Galactic Guardian Horizon
  • Fidget Spinner Octane
  • Hypebeast Leader Crypto
  • Purple Reign Loba
  • Inflight Entertainment Valkyrie
  • Deputy of Death Caustic
  • Blackheart Caustic
  • Dread Captain Fuse
  • Synthetic Shinobi Revenant
  • Petty Theft Loba
  • Decorated Line Bangalore
  • Omatsuri Fury Valkyrie
  • Last Dynasty Gibraltar
  • Inconspicuous Crypto
  • Lit Wit Mirage
  • High Polish Horizon
  • All Systems Go Pathfinder
  • Burning Chrome Ash
  • Verdant Spirit Octane
  • Lime Malachite Green Rampart
  • No Chill Revenant
  • Air Orchid Valkyrie
  • Blood and Plunder Maggie
  • Dread Navigator Bloodhound
  • Iridescent Seer


  • Eye of the Beholder Wingman
  • The Drip R-301
  • Tech Noir Volt
  • Multi-Tool R-99
  • Navy Tactics CAR
  • Extinction Event Rampage

How to unlock the Apex Hunter Bloodhound Prestige skin

The third Anniversary Collection Event introduces a Prestige skin for Bloodhound, the first for the hunter. These special skins feature three cometic tiers that unlock via completing special challenges. The challenges are active as long as one owns the skin, but getting the skin requires lots of grinding.

Apex Hunter Bloodhound is the first Prestige Skin coming to Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment/EA
  • Complete the Anniversary Collection Event by unlocking all the cosmetics.
  • Prestige skins will also enter the Mythics Shop after a set amount of time.
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