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5 ways Brewster could save Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Big things are brewing on an island near you.

animal crossing new horizons december update screenshot

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is well on its way to being the most popular game on Nintendo Switch after just over one year on the market. But there’s no denying those who played the game at launch might be feeling a bit bored given Nintendo’s lack of substantive updates.

Luckily, datamines from DodoCodes suggest Brewster may be coming to the game soon, and there are at least five ways this delightful pigeon might be able to solve most of the community’s biggest complaints in one fell swoop.

1) Gyroids: In past Animal Crossing games, Brewster and the Roost have been associated with Gyroid storage, and Gyroids could be an awesome addition to New Horizons in terms of introducing additional mechanics and characters, two aspects in which the game is lacking at the moment.

Bringing Gyroids to New Horizons offers new collection opportunities


For those who don’t know, Gyroids are essentially living bits of furniture that players can collect by digging on rainy or snowy days. They’re totems marked with a wide variety of unique designs. At this point most Animal Crossing diehards may have completed their fossil collections, and Gyroids could offer up dozens more opportunities for unique items to find. AC players just want something to do, and the Roost can offer players enough Gyroid storage to start amassing a whole new collection.

2) Coffee Recipes: Earlier games in the series allowed players to tweak coffee recipes by adding varying amounts of beans, sugar, and milk. With New Horizons, however, there’s a real opportunity to blow those existing mechanics wide open. Rather than just adjusting values, maybe Villagers can find and plant new beans on their islands themselves.

Why not make things even more exotic by enabling the creation of special recipes by mixing coffee with fruits or other edible items?

These recipes could provide Villagers with certain buffs that allow them to become stronger, resistant to wasps for a certain amount of time or maybe even provide players with a “steady hand” advantage that makes tools break less frequently. Find a good recipe, and bring it to Brewster so he can make it for you anytime you want. Collect all the recipes to get all the buffs on demand. There’s a limitless amount of ways coffee recipes could be leveraged to make New Horizons a better game. Hopefully Nintendo adopts a few of these ideas.

3) A Job Well Done: In New Leaf, players could work at the Roost to earn extra Bells. This mini-game should return in New Horizons mostly untouched. As it is, working a shift with Brewster offers a profitable way to pass the time that’s not directly tied to harvesting fruit or crafting as much featured furniture as you can. Especially if you have your island the way you like it, the day-to-day of Animal Crossing can become a grind. Making money by working a short shift might liven things up a bit.

4) New Characters: The Roost and Brewster also open doors for players to interact with new characters as well or existing ones that you only have vendor-level relationships with. Getting the chance to actually have conversations with the likes of Redd, Kicks, or Label seems like an interesting proposition.

Wouldn’t you love to chat with Zipper over a hot cup of Joe?


Furthermore, maybe a nice cup of Joe could be leveraged as a reason for completely new characters to stop by for a visit. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is in desperate need of new Villagers, and Brewster's sweet libations might be just enough to lure them there.

5) New KK Songs on a Weekly Rotation: When the Roost was available in past games, KK Slider would often stop by to offer concerts for patrons. He already does this on a weekly basis in Horizons, but there could be an opportunity to get new songs from him that he plays exclusively at the coffee shop. Once again, this could be another errand that offers players a fresh way to interact with their fleshed-out island homes.

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