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Everything we know about Among Us VR

Track down those sus Imposters in virtual reality.

Innersloth/Schell Games

Among Us is making its way to VR platforms according to a fresh announcement made during Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards. While there’s a lot we don’t know about the game, here’s a recap of the basic details.

Curious about the game’s release date or want to get another look at that teaser trailer? We’ve got you covered with this no-nonsense recap of the essentials.

What is the release date for Among Us VR?

Following the announcement, Among Us VR’s developers at Schell Games said its release date “will be announced at a later date.” Those who are curious about the future of Among Us VR are encouraged to keep a close eye on the game’s official Twitter account.

Complete tasks aboard the Skeld in VR.

Schell Games/Innersloth

What VR headset platforms will work with Among Us VR?

Among Us VR will be playable on a wide variety of headsets including Meta Quest (aka Oculus Quest), PlayStation VR, and SteamVR. In other words, pretty much anyone with an entry-level gaming VR platform should be able to play it.

Is there a trailer for Among Us VR?

While it’s not exactly a detailed trailer, Schell Games did release a 30-second teaser for Among Us VR to accompany the game’s reveal. You can watch the clip below. It shows the first-person view of a Crewmate aboard the Skeld punching in the correct digits to perform their routine task. The full space including its surroundings and vents, is fully viewable in VR.

The announcement trailer for Among Us VR

Is Among Us VR crossplay with the other versions?

We’re not sure, because the official announcement press release doesn’t specify those details. However, judging by how wildly different this first-person experience seems to be from the base game, we hazard to guess that this build may not play nice with the ones that currently exist. The specifics haven’t been officially announced, but we’re managing our expectations.

This game looks mighty suss from a first-person perspective.

Schell Games/Innersloth

What maps and features are included in Among Us VR?

Unfortunately we don’t know much about that either. The trailer only offers a view of the Skeld, so it’s hard to know how up to date the game will be when it does become available.

The Skeld has been fully remodeled from every angle. Check out those vents!

Schell Games/Innersloth

The official press release reads as follows:

Among Us is moving from 2D to a first-person, 3D experience that places players in the heart of the Skeld and retains the core mechanics fans love. The virtual reality edition will continue to support the multiplayer experience.”

Again, keep an eye on that above-listed Twitter link to receive the latest updates on the VR version of the game.

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