Everything you need to know about Poké Jobs in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield'

The job market is busted.

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Pokémon Sword & Shield has evolved the previous passive Pokémon training systems like Poké Pellago and the Pokémon daycare into something new: a job market. When they’re not in your party, you can send your Pokémon out to take care of some random tasks by using the Poké Jobs menu found on the Pokémon Center PC. These are similar to what you might imagine finding on a Pokémon-centric Craigslist. By doing these jobs, you’ll be rewarded with EXP. and items, so you should get applying!

How do job listings work in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

You’ll begin the game with two job listing slots, this number can be expanded by either earning more badges or completing jobs successfully. Jobs are completed successfully by sending Pokémon that meet the requested specifications. The specifications usually require sending Pokémon of a certain type, like fire or flying, but they can also request more subjective things, like “a Pokémon with large muscles.”

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Listings have a star rating, which helps determine how many Pokémon can be sent on a job and the quality of the reward. Pokémon quantity sent on a single job starts at four and can go as high as 30. Your reward amount will also be modified by the length you allow your Pokémon to work the jobs. The options are:

  • Just a little (1 hour)
  • Very Short (2 hours)
  • Short (3 hours)
  • Long (4 hours)
  • Very Long (8 hours)
  • Half Day (12 Hours)
  • Whole Day (24 Hours)

When your Pokémon return, they’ll have earned a ton of XP. Some will even be carrying items, which they’re elated to give you!

Poké seminars

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With the introduction to the job market, your Pokémon can also start taking seminars via the Poké Job board. These seminars are designed to improve a specific stat of your Pokémon. These are namely HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Unlike Poké-jobs, anyone can be sent to a Pokémon seminar.

Each seminar accepts up to 10 of your Pokémon at a time. They also operate on the same timetable as Poke-jobs, which modifies the rewards gained. The reward amount can be increased if your submitted Pokémon has the PokéRus or if they’re holding a stat-enhancing item like a Macho Brace. Now head to the Pokémon Center PC and get to work, slackers! 

Pokémon Sword & Shield are now available in stores.

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