'Fallout: Miami': Release Date for 'Fallout 4' Mod Can't Come Soon Enough

Bethesda better hire this team.

The West Virginia in Fallout 76 is really pretty, but to be honest, it isn’t a very big change in scenery from what we’ve seen in the previous games. However, a new trailer for a fan-made Fallout 4 mod takes the franchise to a much sunnier venue in a very impressive way: Miami.

The trailer for Fallout: Miami went up on July 24, and if you watched it and thought it was an official DLC or spin-off game, then I don’t blame you. It’s remarkably well done, mixing unique assets with some Fallout calling cards like the oldies song opening and a nod to Inon Zur’s iconic theme song. The camera pans through what appears to be a ravaged yet still lovely South Beach.

And part of why Fallout: Miami feels so much like a legit title is the mod team’s sharp understanding of the franchise’s aesthetic. The end of the world has come and passed, but life still endures. There are farmers cultivating orange orchards and traders hauling their brahmin down ruined streets flanked with palm trees. Vines burst forth from cracked concrete and forgotten walls, ironically making this mod a more authentic take of what a post-apocalyptic world would actually like compared to Fallout 4.

Ever since the nukes came, the search for a good Cuban sandwich has gotten a lot harder.

Bethesda, Fallout Miami

Trees! Wonderful, beautiful palm trees!

Bethesda, Fallout Miami

Of course, since Miami has never been featured in a Fallout game before, the mod makers were able to have a lot of fun with the setting. There are gatorclaws running about, no doubt a Floridian version of deathclaws. The feral ghouls on the beach are still comically sporting sunglasses, umbrella hats, and inflatable swimming rings.

Can't tell if ghoul or retiree with REALLY bad sunburn.

Bethesda, Fallout Miami

Despite all this, it also remains quite faithful to existing lore. One of the scenes depicts a vault filled with dwellers hard at work building and repairing.

Holy crap! A 'Fallout' game where people actually fix things and clean up after themselves!

Bethesda, Fallout Miami

Their jump suits reveal that they are citizens of Vault 53, which is actually mentioned in the Fallout Bible as an experiment vault designed to drive its inhabitants up the wall by having the equipment break down every few months.

Neat stuff! In terms of pure craft, this was an excellent trailer. It communicated a wide variety of settings, teased the existence of factions, showed the dangers the protagonist will face, and hinted at a big mystery that might involve the Enclave.

Fallout Miami has no release date yet and is still hiring new contributors to join its development team. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. It could be the campaign that #SavePlayer1 has been yearning for.

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