'Fire Emblem Heroes' Update Makes Now the Best Time to Train

Experience points are flowing in the streets right now. 

A character from Fire Emblem Heroes with white hair and a golden crown

We hope you didn’t make any plans this weekend because you’re going to need all of that time to level up your Fire Emblem Heroes characters thanks to a new EXP x1.5 event. Today through February 23, your characters will earn 1.5x experience. This extends to all areas of the game — Story Maps, the Training Tower, the Arena, and Special Maps.

In Fire Emblem Heroes, your characters don’t earn experience points unless they actively participate in battle. That means your hero needs to take a whack at an enemy or heal one of your allies. With only four slots on a team at any given time, opportunities to level up all of the many heroes you’ve undoubtedly collected by now are limited, unless you’re willing to use items to level them up instantly. Fortunately with this new update, your characters will level up faster than ever. Even better, Stamina costs are being kept to a minimum for the time being. So what are you waiting for? Get to grinding.

Listen up! 


This is a great time to make trips through the Training Tower with different teams. Before you do that, make sure you use some Orbs to upgrade your castle for an additional experience boost. Then start fighting your way through the tower with different teams. The Training Tower is the best location for grinding, as it offers its own experience bonuses. You’ll be swimming in experience points before long.

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