'Fire Emblem Heroes' Update Brings New Heroes and Maps

Nintendo is paying attention. 

A promotional poster with all characters from the Fire Emblem Heroes update

The recently released Fire Emblem Heroes received a sizable update this morning, signaling that Nintendo may very well be paying attention to player complaints and feedback. The update features new summons and quests, but the game is also receiving a few fixes that will make the game’s free-to-play features a bit more friendly.

The parts of previously announced Worldwide Launch Celebration has been extended indefinitely, halving the stamina cost of the Training Tower and reducing the cost of equipping skills to zero for the time being. Players will also gain experience for defeating lower level enemies in battle — a change that’s expected to arrive in March. All of this is welcome news, as many players felt that a bump in stamina costs would be somewhat exploitative, especially considering that players had to spend stamina simply to play through quests. To add insult to injury, Fire Emblem Heroes’s summoning system has high costs with low payoffs.

Quality family time


All of this comes paired with a bunch of new content, including two sets of five-star summons: Ephraim and Eirika from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and Seliph and Julia of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War fame. They’re currently being featured in the “Family Bonds” summoning focus, but will be available after the event ends in normal summoning circumstances. The characters are also featured in a set of new Paralogue Maps, also titled Family Bonds. These maps feature the new heroes in fresh story content with orbs as rewards just like normal. The new Family Bonds maps also feature new side quests that net players special rewards.

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