You Can Give Conan the Barbarian a Magnum Dong in New Game


If you’re a fan of customizing your characters in video games, but you often find the customization options lacking, consider picking up Funcom’s new Conan Exiles. The Conan the Barbarian game apparently lets you change the size of your character’s penis, and that penis is incredibly responsive to movement for some reason.

When the newest video game in the Conan series, Conan Exiles hit Steam this week, video game streamers on Twitch immediately latched onto the fact that Conan Exiles has a pretty robust customization feature, one which allows you to control the size of your character’s penis. It’s funny, but the actual fact that the penis customization includes some pretty complicated physics means that those of us who find crotch humor particularly funny are having a field day with Conan Exiles.

GIFs of barbarian warriors running buck naked, as well as images of characters traversing around the world of Conan Exiles with dick swinging are already making rounds on the internet.

Conan Exiles is an open world survival game in the vein of other popular games like Rust. Players are placed in a hostile world with no resources (or clothes). They must travel the world and fight monsters for valuable resources like food, weapons, and armor. If the player dies, they start all over again without any resources.

Some games like Rust autogenerate the player’s characters, including gender, age, race, and yes, proportion sizes. Conan Exile gives those customization options to the players, allowing them to choose their own gender and age, and again, yes, proportions.

While survival games like Conan Exiles are meant to simulate the harshness of survival, players online seem more interested in seeing the various ways they can fling their character’s dicks, which is a kind of success on its own after years of discussions surrounding fantasy women characters and their small clothing and large breasts.

Conan Exiles is available now on PC and Xbox One.

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