Why You Should Get a Wii U Instead of a Nintendo Switch

You won't regret it. 


The Nintendo Wii U is a great console, but its release was clouded by confusing messaging that saw it off to a rocky start that it never quite recovered from. Now that Nintendo has confirmed that they’re shutting down Wii U production, there’s no time like the present to pick one up before the Nintendo Switch comes out in February. In fact, there are quite a few reasons why the Wii U is worth a purchase in lieu of the Nintendo Switch completely.

Despite Nintendo's wonky community support, 'Super Mario Maker' was one of the best games of 2015. 


More Great Games

The Nintendo Switch almost certainly won’t be backwards compatible, meaning you’ll be missing out on a lot of the Wii U’s best first-party games. Plus, you don’t have to wait for new Wii U games. The Wii U’s been around for some time now, and has a well-established library of great games. Splatoon is a breath of fresh air after years of the same (admittedly well-loved) franchises appearing on Nintendo systems again and again.

But if you’re a creature of habit, there’s quality stuff for you, too. Mario Kart 8 brought the series to the current generation, and it’s one of the best racing games on the market. Xenoblade Chronicles X shows that there’s still room for JRPGs in the industry and provides hours upon hours of compelling story and content. Still not convinced? What about Yoshi’s Wooly World, a fuzzy little platformer in the spirit of Yoshi’s Island with some smart level design? Or Windwaker HD? Pokkén Tournament? Smash Bros. Wii U? I could go on.

What a steal. 


It’s Cheaper

The current Wii U bundle, packaged with Mario Kart 8 and a steering wheel controller, retails for $299 USD. Since the Wii U is an older console, you’ll also be able to find games at a discount more frequently. You can grab up many great games for $30 or less. Its also worth noting that, as a new console, the Nintendo Switch alone could start at $300, with some speculating that prices could match those of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Don't worry, they brought 'Pikmin 3' back. 


Time Is Running Out

In time, the last Wii U will be bought up, and then the only way to snag one will be via eBay or other third-party sources. Already many Wii U games have gone out of print, but luckily you can still buy them from third-party storefronts on Amazon or used from retailers like GameStop. The prices haven’t hiked up considerably yet either — many out-of-print games can still be found for under $50. Others, like Pikmin 3, have been revived by Nintendo for the time being. As Wii U production phases out, though, it’s likely these games will become increasingly difficult to find.

It's shiny, butttt...


Never Buy Day One Anyway

Sure, you’ll be on the cutting edge when the Nintendo Switch comes out, but what does that mean exactly? You’ll have a brand new console and maybe one or two quality games to play. Then it’s the waiting game for new titles to start rolling out on a regular basis. Why not wait a year, first? You can buy a Wii U now and start working your way through its library in the meantime.

No Wii U means no 'Splatoon'. Do you really wanna live with those consequences?

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