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The Rules of Time Travel

How Chinese and Korean Dramas invented a new time-travel approach

Transmigration dramas put a new spin on time travel.


50 years ago, Andrei Tarkovsky made the most disturbing sci-fi movie ever

Slow and unsettling, this classic work of Soviet sci-fi will make you reconsider how we relate to each other.

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Netflix April 2022: 10 incredible sci-fi shows and movies you can't miss

Netflix is showering us with many new sci-fi movies and shows this month.. Here are 8 must-watch picks that are coming to Netflix in April 2022.

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 12 release date, time, trailer, and plot for "The Dawn of Humanity"

What happens now?


Six questions Squid Game needs to answer in Season 2

We can’t stop thinking about what could happen next in Netflix’s biggest hit show.

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Netflix’s most underrated sci-fi movie is a gender-swapped Her

This 2022 movie puts the “AI” in “Thai cinema.”

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Bigbug review: Netflix’s new sci-fi farce is a bad Black Mirror episode

Netflix’s latest is quirky in the wrong ways.

Streaming 101

‘All of Us Are Dead’ Netflix release date, time, cast, and trailer for the Korean zombie series

Netflix's new zombie series follows a group of South Korean high school students battling a horde of the undead. Here's everything you need to know about 'All of Us Are Dead.'

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You need to watch the best samurai action thriller on Amazon Prime ASAP

Movies just don't get much more violent, thrilling, or blood-soaked than this.

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You need to watch the most underrated time-travel adventure on Netflix ASAP

This 2021 film give a classic American sci-fi story a cool international twist.

Reel Science

The best space thriller on Netflix reveals a real lunar mystery

Netflix's latest South Korean hit is built on a bizarre sci-fi premise with some real-world connections. Here's the truth behind 'The Silent Sea.'

Scene Stealers 2021

The best character in 'Squid Game' tells a story of immigrant inequality

First time actor Jung Ho-yeon rose to occasion in Netflix's biggest international hit of the year, 'Squid Game,' with a moving story immigration and inequality.

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You need to watch the most thrilling sci-fi whodunnit on Netflix ASAP

This 2021 neo-noir lets the sci-fi take a backseat, which makes it all the more interesting.

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'Silent Sea' review: Netflix’s supposed next 'Squid Game' is anything but

Netflix paints itself into a corner with its latest international drama.

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You need to watch the most sweeping sci-fi epic on Netflix ASAP

This 2021 movie is a testament to how Netflix has made global movies easy to watch.


'Squid Game' reveals the secret ingredient of South Korean entertainment

Class struggles in South Korean films and TV often achieve global recognition. Look at the success of 'Squid Game.' What makes these stories resonate so deeply?