Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode Titles Could Reveal a Shocking Tragedy

The series loves a plot twist, but could it have revealed the answer to a huge mystery in the episode titles?


From the moment in the Yellowjackets pilot we realized Shauna Shipman brought some unexpected baggage — a pregnancy — on the plane that crashed in the wilderness, fans have wondered: just what happened to her baby? Lottie said the baby is a boy (and she seems pretty accurate about these things) but there’s no clear 20-something guy kicking around in the modern day, so what happened to him? The tragic answer may lie in the episode titles for Yellowjackets Season 2.

Showtime released its titles for the entirety of Season 2 before the series even released, shown on three different VHS tapes in Van’s store. Some titles are funny, like the premiere “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” ending with Shauna eating Jackie’s ear. But Episode 7’s title casts a tragic mood over the back half. The episode is simply titled “Burial.”

In Episode 5, we see Shauna go into labor, and it looks like Episode 6 will cover the birth. Does that mean that Episode 7’s burial will be for Shauna’s son, who is either stillborn or doesn’t survive long after birth? This season has proven that dead bodies are fair game for a food source, but a newborn baby seems like a step too far.

The baby isn’t the only dead body, however — Crystal also met a terrible end at the end of Episode 5. She’s at the bottom of a cliff in a blizzard, and it doesn’t seem like anyone really noticed her absence at all. Plus, when the ground is frozen solid, burying a baby is a lot easier than burying a theater kid.

Crystal also died in Episode 5, but a burial of her seems unlikely.


Though it’s a sad ending, getting a firm answer to this question would stop a lot of theories saying the baby is Shauna’s murdered lover Adam, or the cop seducing Shauna’s daughter, or even Lisa, Natalie’s new friend in Lottie’s cult (because actress Nicole Maines is transgender.) Sometimes, people die and it’s not part of a bigger conspiracy, it’s just part of life. It’ll probably haunt Shauna, and probably still does in the present, but it’s simply part of survival.

Yellowjackets is now streaming on Showtime.

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