Marvel is Finally Resolving WandaVision’s Infamous Cliffhanger

Vision’s Around the World cruise has ended.

Marvel Studios

Marvel television is now a pillar of Disney+, but it all began with 2021’s WandaVision. The relatively experimental show was a love letter to classic television and introduced the MCU to a streaming audience with a heartbreaking tale of grief for Wanda Maximoff.

The series ended with big questions, but the MCU quickly moved on to new heroes and universes. Now, a new series may finally provide some answers to the mysteries lingering in Westview.

Variety reports that an untitled Vision-based series is set for 2026, with Star Trek: Picard’s Terry Matalas on board as showrunner. Paul Bettany, who’s played the android Vision in the MCU for almost a decade, will reprise his role.

Paul Bettany will don the Vision face paint once again in an upcoming Disney+ series.

Marvel Studios

This WandaVision spinoff has been in the works for a long time. The series was first announced in 2022 as Vision Quest, and while it’s since shed its old name and showrunner, it will still follow up one of the strangest endings in Marvel history.

In WandaVision, Vision was a manifestation of Wanda’s enduring grief after losing Vision to Thanos. However, his body was reassembled and Vision became White Vision, a copy who fought Wanda’s version.

Vision and White Vision face off in the WandaVision finale.

Marvel Studios

White Vision was then given the original Vision’s memories before he flew off at the end of WandaVision, and this series will presumably tell us just where he went and what he got up to. While it’s possible Bettany could be playing the original Vision in a prequel, or even a variant of Vision from another universe, Marvel should make good on this years-old cliffhanger.

Despite the fact Marvel has announced a commitment to standalone series that don’t require reams of background information, WandaVision keeps inspiring sequels, including Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the upcoming series Agatha All Along, and now Vision’s show, which will hit Disney+ five years after WandaVision. Marvel will presumably do its best to get viewers up to speed, but this shows what an impact WandaVision had as Marvel’s first Disney+ series. Let’s hope the story of what Vision has been up to for half a decade is an interesting one.

WandaVision is streaming on Disney+.

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