Voters, Assemble!

Kamala Harris compares Trump to Thanos in a Zoom reunion with the Avengers

"He held the fate of the universe in his hand, and right now we're looking at someone who is denying science."

Marvel's movie schedule has been plunged into darkness by the coronavirus pandemic, but on October 20, the Avengers reunited to take on a villain more dangerous than Thanos: President Trump.

During a Zoom-based reunion fundraiser for the Joe Biden campaign attended by various Marvel actors, directors Joe and Antony Russo, and Senator Kamala Harris, the Vice Presidential nominee did not mince words about the country's current situation, at one point comparing Trump to the purple Avengers supervillain.

During the Biden campaign's Voters Assemble fundraiser livestream, Avengers: Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo introduced a whole slew of actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a roundtable video chat. Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, Zoe Saldana, Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, Mark Ruffalo, and (briefly) Robert Downey Jr. all joined the call, answered questions from fans, and shared their personal voting plans.

The highlight of the call, however, was when Senator and Marvel superfan Kamala Harris jumped in to explain why the concept of superheroes is so important in today's political climate.

"Let's think about the Avengers in the context of this election," she said. "There is something about the values of the Avengers that reflect the core values of who we are as Americans."

The Avengers cast and the Russo brothers with Kamala Harris during the livestream

"Honor and decency matter. They matter whether you are saving the universe from Thanos or fighting for the soul of our nation." Harris also spoke on the importance of courage and working as a team in order to defend the values that they all share, and how she's seeing that in the voters "suiting up" in order to have their voice heard. "It's the true sign of patriotism, Captain America," she said, addressing Chris Evans.

"I often talk to my team about the Avengers, how everyone brings their own power and are appreciated for that, and all those superpowers come together to deal Thanos." She started laughing as she made the comparison. "I just think there is such symmetry around that in this moment. He held the fate of the universe in his hand, and right now we're looking at someone who is denying science."

It doesn't take Bruce Banner's seven PhDs to figure out who Kamala is referring to. The comparison between Trump and Thanos is not new, and in fact, was used by the President's own team in a baffling ad from the @TrumpWarRoom Twitter account late last year.

A still from the video editing Trump's head onto Thanos, declaring re-election "inevitable."

Aside from addressing the comparison between the "villains" we and the Avengers face, Kamala also shared fond memories of her fellow Howard University alum Chadwick Boseman and displayed an impressive show of Marvel know-how during a friendly round of Avengers trivia.

He may not be an intergalactic genocidal warlord, but if President Trump poses a threat to American values to assemble so many superheroes even just over Zoom, the assembled voice of the American people will make itself heard in two weeks.

In the words of Sen. Harris, "if the Avengers can assemble from across the galaxy, the American people can get together from wherever we are, whoever we voted for in the last election, whatever language our grandmother spoke, and come together to get our country on the right track."

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