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Mandalorian Episode 4 Title Could Mean a Huge Canon Reveal Is Imminent

Where do Baby Yodas come from?


Carl Weathers is the unsung hero of The Mandalorian. He’s reprising his role of Greef Karga in Season 3, but he’s also helped bring the Star Wars story to life by stepping behind the camera. Season 2 Episode 4, “The Siege,” was his Mandalorian directorial debut, and now he’s returning for Episode 4 of Season 3.

In his excitement to get back in the chair, Weathers let a key piece of information slip, and it could reveal a scene that we’ve been waiting on for years. Over the weekend, Weathers confirmed on Twitter that he would be directing Episode 4, calling it “The Foundling.” Mandalorian episode titles are usually kept under wraps so the reveal at the beginning of episodes can be something of a surprise, but Weathers was either strategically leaking or just too excited to care.

But just what could “The Foundling” mean? In Season 1, we learned that Din Djarin is a foundling; he wasn’t born a Mandalorian, but was adopted as one. So this title could reference Din Djarin’s origins, suggesting an episode that dives into his past and explores how he was rescued and brought into the Mandalorian creed.

But there’s another foundling in the mix now: Grogu. Like Din, he wasn’t born a Mandalorian, but he chose to become one rather than follow the Jedi path. It’s been hinted that he survived Order 66, but how a gurgling baby survived a violent purge hasn’t really been explained, so maybe we’ll have a look at his past instead.

A flashback revealing how Grogu was rescued has long been teased, including in the Season 3 trailer.


We know we’ll see Order 66 at some point in Season 3, as a shot showing multiple Jedi preparing for an attack was featured in the trailer, although it’s unclear if this will be in Episode 4. But regardless of whether “The Foundling” refers to Mando or Grogu, the episode will almost certainly include scenes that fans have been waiting for years to see. Maybe, like Episode 3’s “The Convert,” the title will have a dual meaning, and we’ll get both flashbacks at once, underlining just how similar these two characters really are.

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