Does The Flash Have a Post-Credits Scene? A Spoiler-Free Guide

What could The Flash tease for the final days of the DCEU?

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The DC Extended Universe is coming to an end. And as one of the final films in the DCEU, The Flash has the burden of wrapping things up neatly. But with a movie crowded with time-travel misadventures and multiverse-destroying storylines, The Flash may not have enough time to give closure to the DCEU. Which is where a post-credits scene comes in.

So could there be a post-credits scene in The Flash? And do you need to wait around for it? We have a (spoiler-free!) answer.

Does The Flash Have a Post-Credits Scene?

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a post-credits scene.

Warner Bros.

Yes! The Flash has a post-credits scene.

But what could the post-credits scene be? It’s been long expected that every superhero movie comes with a post-credits (or, at least, mid-credits) scene, setting up the next movie in the cinematic universe and teasing more to come. But we know what’s to come after The Flash: The Blue Beetle in August, and the second Aquaman movie, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, in December. Then ... nothing. The DCEU will be superseded by James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DC Universe. But that doesn’t mean that The Flash’s post-credits scene won’t have any impact.

Gunn has previously teased a connection between the final DCEU movies and the new DC Universe, stating that The Flash “resets the entire DC Universe” before “moving into” Blue Beetle. Gunn’s glowing support of The Flash also suggests the DC Universe chief might not be done with Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen.

But potential tie-ins to the DCU aside, the DCEU still has some life in it left, at least through the end of this year. And there’s still hype to build for Blue Beetle and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

The Flash opens in theaters June 16.

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