The Flash trailer: Ezra Miller teases the multiverse epic we've been waiting for

At DC FanDome, the DCEU didn’t hold back with its first look at The Flash.

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Are you in? Because we sure are.

At the virtual event DC FanDome, which kicked off on October 16, star Ezra Miller presented a brief but effective teaser for The Flash, his 2022 solo superhero movie. While there wasn’t a full trailer, the teaser trailer didn’t hold back from teasing all the most exciting things about The Flash, among them the return of Michael Keaton in the role of Batman.

What Happened? — At DC FanDome, Miller appeared in a pre-taped message from the set of The Flash. “It looks like this,” he deadpanned, pointing to a dark, nondescript soundstage behind him.

“We’re very excited to show you the movie,” Miller said. “And we can’t yet because we’re still making it.” Even a long teaser wasn’t possible, which Miller explained is because they hadn’t finished filming “enough material.” But what Miller did bring was a sneak peek.

The Flash incorporates many iconic elements from Flash’s comics, including the debut of Flash’s ring — which contains his costume inside — in the cinematic franchise.

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Flash of Two Worlds — Right away, The Flash teaser shows the movie isn’t messing around.

In what looks like a loose adaptation of the 2011 comic book series Flashpoint, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, aka The Flash, teams up with an alternate universe version of himself to save his mother from her murder. (That event led to Barry’s origin story as the Flash.) Another frame shows actress Sasha Calle in costume as Supergirl, standing behind the two Barry Allens.

The teaser gave a generous look at the Flash’s newer, sleeker costume (compared to the armored one he wore in the 2017/2021 film Justice League), as well as bits of Michael Keaton’s returning Batman. You don’t see Keaton’s face, unfortunately, but the Danny Elfman score, the unmistakably pointy ears of Keaton’s cowl, and the Batmobile’s silhouette beneath a sheet all point to the return of the Batman from Earth-89.

An official upload of The Flash teaser isn’t available yet, but you can look for it on the DC FanDome stream on YouTube here.

Michael Keaton’s Batman “appears” in the DC FanDome teaser for The Flash.

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Multiverse of Madness — The Marvel Cinematic Universe might be setting up its multiverse now. But last year, DC set the bar with its intentions to establish a different multiverse in its own way.

The ambitious TV special “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” a crossover of shows like Arrow, The Flash, Black Lightning, and more, bridged the many different DC movies and TV, which only served to prime audiences to learn more about the 2022 film The Flash. Miller made a surprise cameo in the special, which confirmed that DC’s cinematic universe runs parallel to its TV universe.

It was reported later in 2020 that The Flash would star Michael Keaton in his return to the role of Batman, which he played in 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns.

Further details about The Flash remain under wraps. But for now, it’s probably enough for fans to rest assured that, in 2022, The Flash will bring back one of the most iconic versions of Batman ever.

Two Ezra Millers, and one Sasha Calle as Supergirl, in 2022’s The Flash.

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The Inverse Analysis — This year’s DC FanDome didn’t provide as complete a look at The Flash as fans had probably hoped for. But seeing Ezra Miller run around the DC cinematic universe in a new costume and meet a familiar Batman is at least something to fuel fans through the new year.

Despite starring a superhero who runs very quickly, this 2022 movie can’t get here fast enough.

The Flash will race to theaters on November 4, 2022.

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