The Boys’ Next Spinoff Could Be a Brutal Netflix Takedown

After the success of college spinoff Gen V, Amazon's smash superhero hit is heading to a new country... and maybe a new genre.

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It’s fitting that The Boys, a series satirizing the machine of superhero media, is now launching a television universe of its own. On top of the original series and an animated spinoff, we now have Gen V, a college-based series that expanded the plot of The Boys while adding its own take on teen topics, parodying both the MCU and Riverdale.

Now the franchise is moving to another subgenre and another staple of modern television. After mocking Marvel and the CW, Netflix and “peak TV” appear to be in the hot seat. Deadline reports that a spinoff called The Boys: Mexico is in the works at Prime Video, with Blue Beetle’s Gareth Dunnet-Alcocar serving as showrunner, and Spanish-language movie icons Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal onboard as executive producers.

Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna will executive produce.

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

While there’s no word on the show’s premise, the title immediately stands out. While Gen V was given a name that was distinct from The Boys and made its satirical target clear, The Boys: Mexico sounds like it will just be a carbon copy of The Boys set south of the border.

But that could, in fact, be a sign of its intent to satirize Narcos: Mexico, the Netflix crime drama starring none other than Diego Luna. It would be the perfect choice for the franchise; after taking down the “gritty teen drama” subgenre, the next logical step is “gritty Netflix drama.”

Narcos: Mexico could be the inspiration for this new spinoff.


We’ll have to wait to see if this theory is correct, but knowing the franchise’s ambition when it comes to diversifying its tones, the classic Peak TV crime genre akin to The Sopranos and Breaking Bad are easy targets. But just what happens when you mix superheroes into a cartel show? Probably violent action that would make the average Netflix viewer cower, but prompt Boys fans to get up and cheer.

The Boys is streaming on Prime Video.

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