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'The Bad Batch' just confirmed a huge Star Wars theory about Order 66

What seemed like a bunch of slapstick gags may have concealed a terrifying secret.

Order 66 is the Star Wars version of Marvel’s Blip. Both events impacted countless characters in their respective universes, and though they happened in just an instant, the devastating effects of both are still being felt decades later.

But Order 66, as Star Wars: The Bad Batch proves, was never just a one-and-done deal. In the Disney+ series, it’s still making its way through the galaxy’s clone population, with no sign of stopping. While Crosshair has already had his inhibitor chip repaired, bringing him under the Empire’s control, he may soon be joined by one of his brothers.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Bad Batch’s latest twist, and all the clues leading up to it you may have missed.

Warning! Spoilers for The Bad Batch Episode 6, “Decommissioned” ahead!

Episode 6 finds the Batch once again dispatched by Cid for another mercenary gig, which sends them to a decommissioning facility on Corellia. At first, it appears to be a simple fetch mission to obtain the head of a tactical droid, which could be used to control the massive droid armies used in the Clone Wars.

But there’s just one catch: the Batchers aren’t the only ones interested in the droid. Enter Rafa and Trace Martez, sisters Ahsoka Tano previously encountered in The Clone Wars Season 7. They’re also on the hunt for the droid, hoping to hand it off to those opposing the Empire. While bickering between the two mercenary groups kicks off immediately, they eventually join forces to save Omega and defend themselves from security droids.

Wrecker is affected.


In the midst of all this hubbub, Wrecker — the Batch’s resident tank and big softie — hits his head on a lever, which seems to activate something within him. Suddenly, he’s on the ground, muttering “Good soldiers...” over and over again. While this doesn’t affect his later performance, it’s a disturbing display.

Anyone who has seen The Bad Batch from the start will recognize this motto. It’s part of “Good soldiers follow orders,” the phrase Crosshair repeats to himself after Order 66 is initiated. Considering Crosshair’s brutal actions as the later leader of the Elite Squad, this is not a good sign for Wrecker.

Fans watching closely could have seen this twist coming a few episodes back. Wrecker is constantly being hit on the head, and often complains of headaches. Fans have speculated speculation as to what this could mean, and unfortunately the theory that this repeat trauma might be activating his inhibitor chip is looking very correct.

Could Wrecker become the next Crosshair?


What does this mean for Wrecker’s future? Well, he’s basically a ticking time bomb. If the Batch runs into a Jedi like Ahsoka Tano, it’s pretty much guaranteed Wrecker will shoot to kill. If they run into Tarkin and Kamino again, on the other hand, the Empire could easily repair Wrecker’s chip so that he acts like Crosshair. It’s a harsh reality the Batchers don’t even know they’re facing yet.

Luckily, there’s a pretty easy solution. Tech, the brains behind the Bad Batch, has been seen working on a chip scanner. If he’s able to catch Wrecker’s malfunctioning chip early, it’s possible it can be fixed before Wrecker goes full Winter Soldier. But if not, there may be a horrible mercy-kill scenario where Wrecker’s brothers do what they must to defend themselves.

Here’s hoping Tech can figure out what’s wrong so Wrecker can go back to decorating Omega’s space in the ship, making funny quips, and otherwise bashing the bad guys’ heads in.

The Bad Batch is now streaming on Disney+.

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